Synonyms for Victim:


offering, prey, sacrifice, scapegoat, hunted, martyr, walking wounded, immolation, sufferer, wretch, the injured, amputee. mark, cannon fodder, cinderella, gull, gudgeon, plaything, whipping boy, pushover, pawn, sacrificial lamb, toy, stooge, tool, target, hireling. religion, hecatomb. help, casualty. mug, sap, pigeon, wise, fall guy, lamb. dupe (noun)
laughingstock, dupe, fool, April Fool.
fall guy (noun)
whipping boy, patsy.
fool (noun)
hostage (noun)
sacrificial lamb.
laughingstock (noun)
fair game, monkey, game, patsy, buffoon, butt.
pushover (noun)
someone or something sacrificed, preyed upon (noun)
immolation, hunted, wretch, sufferer, casualty, gudgeon, butt, patsy, prey, pushover, pigeon, gull, scapegoat, sacrifice, stooge, pawn, mark, dupe, hireling, martyr, fool.
substitute (noun)

Other synonyms:

immolation, whipping boy, gudgeon, walking wounded, wretch, sacrificial lamb, hecatomb, sufferer, amputee, pawn. gull, fall guy, cannon fodder, cinderella, plaything, stooge, target, pigeon. toy, lamb. sap, offering, sacrifice, casualty. mug. mark. spoil
Other relevant words:
mark, stooge, tool, sacrifice, hireling, prey, mug, wise, martyr, target, casualty, sufferer, lamb, hecatomb, gull, offering, plaything, help, toy, wretch, amputee, cinderella, pawn, pushover, sap, immolation, scapegoat, sacrificial lamb, fall guy, religion, whipping boy, hunted, pigeon, gudgeon.

Usage examples for victim

  1. What about the victim – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. A victim was what she should surely be if the issue between her step- parents had been settled by Mrs. Beale's saying: " Well, if she can live with but one of us alone, with which in the world should it be but me?" – What Maisie Knew by Henry James
  3. Some years ago, in the days before Mr. Mullen, she would probably have fallen a helpless victim to the miller had his eyes wandered for an instant in her direction. – The Miller Of Old Church by Ellen Glasgow