Synonyms for Deceased:


dead (adjective)
dead, gone, fatal, expired, study at dead, extinct, annihilated, unresponsive, finished, late, Perished, lost, passed on, asleep, fallen, inanimate, passed away, parted, lifeless, pushing up daisies, Passed, defunct, departed.
non-living (adjective)
inanimate, dead, lifeless, inorganic, non-living.


corpse, remains, mummy, body count, body, the dead, the departed, cadaver, stiff, the deceased. corpse (noun)
dead body (noun)
corpse, cadaver.
deceased (noun)
dead, dead soul, dead person, at peace, asleep, decedent, gone, at rest, deceased person, departed.


died (verb)
Succumbed, fell.
ended (verb)
concluded, capped, halted, finalized, Culminated, expired, finished, Checkmated, accomplished, passed on, completed, wound up, closed, wrapped up, passed away, ended, Ceased, terminated, exited, winded up, stopped, Died.

Other synonyms:

late. Other relevant words:
at rest, deceased person, body, remains, late, asleep, mummy, stiff, at peace, lost, corpse, defunct, decedent, dead soul, unresponsive, cadaver, dead person, gone, pushing up daisies.

Usage examples for deceased

  1. I have gained for our undertaking the assistance and protection of a rich and noble patron, a true servant of the deceased king. – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official