Synonyms for Winner:


deadlock, title-holder, concede, front-runner, Olympic champion, winning competitor, national champion, contest winner, aggregate, grand champion, assist, bell ringer, conqueror, bury, attack, chalk something up, victorious contestant, all, cushion, hero, big boy, leading entrant, medal winner, successful contestant. a howling success, big hitter, tour de force, success story, performer, win, biggie. medallist, laureate, record-holder, point person, conquistador. have something in your pocket, be halfway there, be in/out of the running, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, someone should/will go far, you can't go wrong, someone's getting there, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), have a fighting chance. conqueror (noun)
person (noun)
someone or something that succeeds (noun)
hero, victor, title-holder, conqueror, champ, champion.
superior (noun)
nobility, chief, superwoman, commander, leader, star, champ, paragon, elite, virtuoso, premier, prima donna, sovereign, champion, prodigy, prize winner, wonderwoman, president, boss, superman, aristocracy, superior, master, victor, exceller.
winner (noun)
victor, success, achiever, succeeder.

Other synonyms:

record-holder, laureate, tour de force, biggie, conquistador. vanquisher
Other relevant words:
biggie, title-holder, success, hero, conqueror, record-holder, achiever, medallist, succeeder, conquistador, laureate, success story.

Usage examples for winner

  1. " It looks like we've got a winner that's about to lose us our shirts," he said. – Breeder Reaction by Winston Marks
  2. The winner of the olive- wreath and palmbranch in this final heat would bear the honors of the day; his party would be victorious and he would quit the Hippodrome in triumph. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. The Organization seemed to be a Winner – More Fables by George Ade