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tomfool - 87 results
Other synonyms:

nitwit, mug, half-baked, turkey, bubbleheaded, balmy, idiot, gander, motley fool, harebrained, inept, simpleton, weak-minded, crackpot, lunkheaded, softhead, fatuous, kooky, laughable, moron, absurd, jackass, silly, lunatic, ability, half-witted, jerk, ridiculous, mad, featherheaded, sap, simple, not in your right mind/not right in the head, chump, sucker, wacky, patsy, daft, cuckoo, goof, fool, cosh, imbecile, cockeyed, stupid, ding-dong, sappy, nerd, insane, jester, jerky, zany, screwball, nutty, schmuck, fall guy, schmo, blackjack, goose, mooncalf, daffy, simpleminded, dotty, dippy, gull, brainless, mark, soft touch, saphead, unwise, ludicrous, loony, crazy, asinine, ninny, over-the-top, cretin, witless, nincompoop, senseless, ass, dip, dope, childish, muggins, preposterous, nonsensical.

Examples of usage:

" It's women's tomfool dressing keeps us all down. - "The Wrong Twin", Harry Leon Wilson.

So I mean to pass that tomfool examination and to cram down a lot of stuff in order to do so, which is of no more use to me than though I had swallowed so much brown paper. - "Love Eternal", H. Rider Haggard.

Why couldn't Swing Tunstall have stayed reasonably in Farewell instead of traipsing off over the range like a tomfool. - "The Heart of the Range", William Patterson White.

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