Synonyms for Chaff:


beanstalk, bulb, bract, blade, shell, aerial root, bur, bud, anther, boll. laughter, jive, ride, razz, rib, joke, rag. chaff (noun)
stubble, husk, kid, shuck, stalk, banter, jolly, josh, straw.
residue (noun)
dross, vestige, debris, dregs, remainder, afterglow, detritus, residue, Filings, leftovers, afterimage, sawdust, sediment, scum, remnant, precipitate, grounds, slag, artifact.
substance (noun)
stubble, husk, straw, stalk, shuck.
trash (noun)
waste (noun)
garbage, shell, decay, debris, slop, junk, trash, offal, rubbish, Dejecta, effluent, dregs, despoilment, refuse, leakage, waste.


joke, ridicule (verb)
josh, banter, rib, rag, razz, jolly, kid.

Other synonyms:

jive. ride. rib. banter
Other relevant words:
josh, jive, husk, banter, stalk, shell, ride, straw, kid, shuck, rag, trash, rib, stubble, jolly, razz, joke.

Usage examples for chaff

  1. What a happy night, through all the wind and the rain, would a silver shilling under her chaff pillow give her! – What's Mine's Mine V1 by George MacDonald
  2. They were always on the look out for the blacklegs, as they would call them, and if one did venture to come anywhere near the village he would have to undergo some good- natured chaff – From Crow-Scaring to Westminster; an Autobiography by George Edwards M.P., O.B.E.