Synonyms for Parasite:


arthropod, fungus, biped, amphibian, arachnid, adult, beast, bacteria, big game, animal, bear, beast of burden. dependent, lump, sycophant, couch potato, freeloader, slowpoke, slob, passenger, hanger-on, deadbeat, layabout, bum, goldbrick. dependence. hanger-on (noun)
parasite (noun)
leech, sponger, sponge.
something that exists by taking from or depending on another (noun)
freeloader, deadbeat, dependent, leech, sponge, sycophant, hanger-on.

Other synonyms:

freeloader, slob, slowpoke, layabout, deadbeat, goldbrick. passenger. bum. leech
hanger-on, leech.

Usage examples for parasite

  1. Nevertheless, in spite of the world's verdict, the parasite is content. – Natural Law in the Spiritual World by Henry Drummond