Synonyms for Escape:


flinch from (doing) something, fire escape, sewer, hatch, exhaust, stay out of, way out, get out of, outlet, draft, overflow, wriggle out of (doing) something, porthole, duck out of, loophole, floodgate. entertainment, camp, distraction, excursion, activity holiday, oblivion, activity vacation, adventure travel, diversion, honeymoon. arrow key, backspace, fly, command key, absquatulate, Alt key, free, CTRL, control key, abscond, decamp, delete key, flee, CAPS LOCK, control, character set. logic, view, pragmatism, mind, burke, school of thought, perspective, viewpoint, framework, approach, seek, mindset, eschew. touch on, invoke, note, talk in terms of something, owned, tell of, mention, raise, allude to, come up, refer to. generate, beam, discharge, give off, spill, send out, stream, issue from, emit, give out. erase, slip your mind/memory, repress, blot out, lose sight of, obliterate, put something behind you, blank out, forget. have a narrow/lucky escape, play it safe, skate over/around, take evasive action, provide against. ride out, disentangle, make a getaway, weather/ride the storm, cut and run, extricate. holiday, go away, weekend, vacation. abandonment (noun)
act (noun)
avoidance (noun)
declination, abstinence, avoidance, disdain, flight, evasion, retreat, shirking, circumvention, elusion.
breaking away; getaway (noun)
deliverance, evasion, elusion, circumvention, freedom, departure, hegira, bolt, flight, rescue, disappearance, decampment, release, liberation, desertion, abdication, avoidance, slip, breakout, withdrawal, retreat.
departure (noun)
escape (noun)
escapism, leak, flight, get by, breakout, elude, miss, get out, relief valve, escape valve, safety valve, emigration, get off, break loose, get away, getaway, truancy, outflow, leakage, escape cock.
leaving (noun)


avoid (verb)
sidestep, avoid, evade, circumvent, avert, shun, recoil, shirk, dodge, abstain, duck, skip, elude, shrink, decline, bypass.
break away from (verb)
dodge, decamp, abscond, elude, flee, evade, duck, skip, fly, shun, get off, circumvent, avoid, cut and run.
communication (verb)
escape (verb)
break out, get away, emigrate.
motion (verb)
break loose, get away.

Other synonyms:

excursion, entertainment, vacation, weekend, throw off, activity holiday, adventure travel, disappearance, provide against, holiday, departure, bolt, make off with, break for, absquatulate, honeymoon, activity vacation, decampment, ride out. get out of, burke, forget, extricate, oblivion, blot out, blank out, eschew. obliterate. camp, erase, disentangle. fly. abscond
cut and run.
break out
emigrate, go away, get off.
get out
get out.
run away

Usage examples for escape

  1. There was no escape for her. – The Lamp in the Desert by Ethel M. Dell
  2. You wonder, perhaps, why I do not escape – Rung Ho! by Talbot Mundy
  3. If he is there he cannot escape – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope