Synonyms for Worm:


bot, maggot, browser, client, assembler, parasite, architecture, larva, add-on, leech, applet, computer program, compiler, grub, bootstrap program. black widow, beetle, swindler, brute, fraud, snake, sneak, bee, ant, bloodsucker, bluebottle, creep, boll weevil, aphid, riffraff, beggar, scoundrel, blowfly, reprobate, trickster, hypocrite, bedbug, demon, sharper, wretch, scum. creepy-crawly, pest, crawler, infection, bug. softie, waggle, pygmy, weed, doormat, yes-man, repetition, lackey, paper tiger, wiggle, move, chameleon, squiggle, zero. hookworm, host, flea, mite, cooties, Lice, Cryptosporidium, crawl, slide. enter, vet, fix, foist, edge, work, dock, spay, the ASPCA, vaccinate, castrate, insinuate, infiltrate, neuter, the N.S.P.C.A.. finagle, get, wangle, make, engineer, finesse. cad (noun)
creep, louse, scoundrel.
cur (noun)
riffraff, wretch.
grub (noun)
insect (noun)
worm (noun)
louse, squirm, insect, twist, writhe, wrestle, wriggle, dirt ball, wreathe.

n. & v.

wiggle (noun, verb)


coax (verb)
get, wangle.
crawl (verb)
wriggle, slide, squirm, writhe.
creep (verb)
edge, insinuate, sneak.
edge (verb)
sneak (verb)
crawl, snake.
squirm (verb)
squiggle, twist.
wangle (verb)
engineer, wiggle.

Other synonyms:

grub, lackey, finagle, larva, paper tiger, squiggle, yes-man, creepy-crawly, softie. creep, crawler, wangle, chameleon, doormat, wiggle, infiltrate, finesse. engineer, insinuate, pygmy, pest, crawl, foist. snake, waggle, zero. weed. bug, slide. edge
Other relevant words:
crawl, get, dock, hookworm, creep, brute, reprobate, spay, compiler, beetle, bot, beggar, bedbug, insect, blowfly, snake, enter, browser, assembler, applet, finagle, aphid, finesse, leech, chameleon, mite, fix, make, lackey, doormat, sharper, slide, fraud, crawler, flea, softie, foist, infiltrate, insinuate, riffraff, neuter, scum, maggot, waggle, bluebottle, Cryptosporidium, pest, squiggle, repetition, larva, scoundrel, demon, work, client, cooties, creepy-crawly, ant, engineer, architecture, host, vaccinate, edge, bug, wiggle, wretch, trickster, castrate, hypocrite, move, bee, bloodsucker, vet, swindler, pygmy, infection, grub, weed, sneak, zero, Lice, wangle, parasite.

Usage examples for worm

  1. I had to worm myself into your friendship; and, by Jove, you made me think you did know, but hadn't let it out, and might any day. – Dead Men Tell No Tales by E. W. Hornung
  2. Get up, it's the early worm catches the most fish. – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White