Synonyms for Spur:


coil, inducement, anode, circuit board, circuit breaker, cause, encouragement, cathode, circuit, circuitry, contact, diaphragm, fillip, stimulation, Stimulator, impulse, impetus, stimulus, conduit, incentive, stimulant, motivation. bank, corridor, bridge, strip, belt. dismount, canter, gallop, bareback, groom, break in, equestrian. collar, cockscomb, bill, beak, gizzard, down, crest, comb, feather. form, bring about, set off, start-off, catalyze, make, create, inaugurate, trigger, invent. girth, fence, crop, bridle, blinders, horsewhip, harness, halter, hurdle. persuasion, nourishment, prompt. goad (noun)
encourage, drive, impel.
incitement, stimulus (noun)
incentive, goad, urge, stimulant, impetus, needle, impulse, inducement, trigger, motivation.
needle (noun)
hook, tack, gimlet, spine, nail, pin, hat pin, harpoon, fishhook, staple, prong, barb, thumbtack, pike, quill, awl.
perforator (noun)
gouge, spear, arrow, bore, die, bit, point, auger, blade, drill, needle, penetrator, poker, thorn, Perforator, puncture, punch, tip, lance, skewer, stick, spike.
spur (noun)
goading, branch line, urging, spur track, gad, spine, goad, prod, spurring, prodding.


hasten (verb)
accelerate, rush, hustle, hurry, urge, quicken, bustle, expedite, speed, push, flurry, hasten.
incite, prompt (verb)
impel, push, prod, drive.

Other synonyms:

motivate, entice, urge on, encourage, Stimulator, prevail on, persuade. inducement, incentive, fillip, convince, trigger, stimulation, stimulant, nourishment, stimulus. impel, persuasion, motivation, prompt, impulse. encouragement. belt, corridor. bank, bridge. strip. force
Other relevant words:
fillip, prompt, encourage, gad, bring about, spur track, corridor, entice, nourishment, impulse, crest, drive, encouragement, convince, bank, bill, motivate, impel, urge on, motivation, stimulant, persuasion, cause, comb, stimulation, Stimulator, prodding, goad, bridge, make, stimulus, inducement, incentive, impetus, trigger, prod, goading, urging, strip, branch line, prevail on, persuade, spurring.

Usage examples for spur

  1. On the spur of the moment they decided to marry." – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips
  2. Spur your horses, or we may be picked up or shot." – The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood by Arthur Griffiths
  3. But do you always act on the spur of the moment? – The Awakening of Helena Richie by Margaret Deland