Synonyms for Overhang:


arm, point, snout, ridge, limb, flap. protrude, project, jut, bulge, pouch, protuberate, stick out, belly, balloon, stand out, convex, bag. threaten, impend, lower, brew, loom, hang over, near, menace. protrusion, projection, protuberance, knob, knot. overhang (noun)
protrusion (noun)
overlie, Obtrusion, projection, overlap, imbrication, beetling, extension, jutting, droop, suspension.
sticking out (noun)
protuberant, stick up, bulging, prominent.


bulge, hang over (verb)
protrude, jut, beetle, impend, project, stand out, loom, menace, pouch, threaten, stick out.

Other synonyms:

protuberate. protrude, ridge, projection, pouch, impend, brew, protuberance, protrusion, bulge, jut, belly, snout, balloon, limb. loom, knob. lower, flap. threaten. knot, arm. point. bulge
protuberate, stick out, beetle, beetling.
stick up, protrude.
sticking out
protuberant, prominent, stick up, bulging, project.
Other relevant words:
ridge, jut, loom, imbrication, bag, overlap, stand out, brew, lower, near, droop, knot, prominent, belly, convex, protuberance, knob, extension, threaten, impend, limb, beetling, stick up, arm, protuberant, stick out, menace, pouch, balloon, snout, beetle, suspension, overlie, point, bulge, protrusion, protrude, project, hang over, Obtrusion, flap, projection, jutting, protuberate, bulging.

Usage examples for overhang

  1. The loneliness and general air of desertion that overhang the place seemed more intensified by the war than ever. – Fanny Goes to War by Pat Beauchamp