Synonyms for Encouragement:


backing, supporting, compliment, credit, respect, recognition, helping, praise, brownie points, a pat on the back, regard, heartening, urging, animating, admiration, abetment, cheering, acclaim. consolation, confidence, trust, hope, faith, animation, incentive, nourishment, lift, firmness, comfort, stimulus, promotion, advance, fortitude, optimism, cheer, persuasion, reward, inducement. inspiration, stimulation. spur, impulse, prod, stimulant, cause, push, impetus, Stimulator, fillip. advice (noun)
clue, guidance, direction, information, advice, tip, caution, caveat, hint, news, prompt, monition, recommendation, pointer, message, warning, advocacy, suggestion, cue, intelligence, instruction, briefing.
aid (noun)
avail, agency, help, relief, Mothering, service, sustenance, support, attendant, assistance, benefit, motivation, ministration, facilitation, aid, endowment.
encouragement (noun)
help, support (noun)
boost, trust, promotion, advocacy, supporting, inspiration, incentive, consolation, comfort, aid, faith, advance, confidence, relief, stimulus, urging, backing, animation, reward, stimulation, fortitude, firmness, hope, optimism, cheer, assistance.
support (noun)
backing, support.

Other synonyms:

stimulation, Stimulator. spur, impetus, inducement, stimulant, cheer, nourishment, consolation, stimulus, comfort. persuasion, fillip, impulse. inspiration, prod. push. assistance
Other relevant words:
abetment, animation, backing, credit, stimulant, cheering, firmness, compliment, cause, inducement, prod, recognition, consolation, promotion, boost, animating, stimulation, admiration, cheer, confidence, push, reward, helping, inspiration, impetus, supporting, incentive, hope, optimism, persuasion, respect, urging, faith, heartening, Stimulator, nourishment, impulse, comfort, acclaim, fortitude, spur, regard, stimulus, trust, advance, fillip, lift, praise.

Usage examples for encouragement

  1. But Revolutionary America had little encouragement for an imaginative poet. – The Poems of Philip Freneau, Volume I (of III) by Philip Freneau
  2. By his happy looks I judged that he had already had a word of encouragement from my aunt, and that he had come to learn in detail the result of her first attempt. – French and Oriental Love in a Harem by Mario Uchard
  3. They have shown that they have been worthy of all the encouragement which they have received. – State of the Union Addresses of Calvin Coolidge by Calvin Coolidge