Synonyms for Bore:


diehard, fogey, dweeb, conservative, Drongo, anorak, dinosaur. demotivate, stultify, leave someone cold, make (for) interesting/tedious etc. reading, turn off. riddle, rip, tear, dent. living death, backwater, rut, wasteland, desert. bore (noun)
drill, calibre, caliber, aegir, drill hole, dullard, bore-hole, eagre, tidal bore, tire, eager.
nuisance (noun)
pest, tiresome person, tedious person, trouble, drag, nuisance.
perforator (noun)
Perforator, skewer, die, lance, bit, needle, punch, blade, spur, gouge, drill, puncture, arrow, stick, point, spear, tip, poker, auger, spike, thorn, penetrator.
person (noun)
weapon (noun)


abided (verb)
Persevered, Suffered, experienced, put up with, Borne, Underwent, abided, Lasted, continued, Tarried, Lingered, gone on, went on, Remained, Endured, Persisted, Undergone, Tolerated.
bore (verb)
fatigue, tranquilize, tire, dull, weary, annoy, sedate.
brought (verb)
Adduced, Transferred, induced, drawn, drew, conveyed, Transported, conducted, Fetched, Carried, Brought, Attracted, Imparted.
carried (verb)
sent, expressed, Hauled, dispatched, Carted, Delivered, moved, transmitted, removed, Shifted.
cause weariness, disinterest (verb)
tire, annoy, trouble, weary, fatigue.
drill hole (verb)
pierce, riddle, puncture, punch, penetrate, perforate.
emotion (verb)
headed (verb)
Aimed, fixed, Steered, vectored, headed.
perforate (verb)
perforate, pierce, poke, penetrate.

Other synonyms:

fogey, living death, demotivate, dinosaur, dweeb, diehard, nuisance, Drongo. dent, anorak, riddle, wasteland, bayonet. rut, drag. trouble, turn off, conservative. chamber, desert, barrel. hammer, rip, clip. Other relevant words:
drill hole, drag, tiresome person, diehard, tidal bore, rut, dullard, riddle, eager, dweeb, dent, pest, demotivate, caliber, trouble, hammer, tedious person, bore-hole, clip, turn off, dinosaur, nuisance, wasteland, Drongo, eagre, calibre, aegir.

Usage examples for bore

  1. The Red Hill, however, close to the camp bore south, and was full that distance from us. – Expedition into Central Australia by Charles Sturt
  2. If he spoke of himself, he did so with a definite reason, which bore upon the business in hand. – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  3. Again he raised her in his arms and bore her to the hut. – Foul Play by Charles Reade Dion Boucicault