Synonyms for Constraint:


boundary, range, pressure, confines, force, coercion. self-discipline, temperance, awkwardness, humility, self-censorship, willpower, dignity, stiff upper lip. attack, violence, duress, strength. limitation, circumscription, limited. cramp, trammel, limit, check, curb. artifact (noun)
compulsion (noun)
confinement (noun)
captivity, arrest, limitation.
constraint (noun)
force (noun)
necessity, restraint, coercion, duress, violence, suppression, compulsion, pressure.
limit (noun)
obligation (noun)
inexorability, necessity, compulsion, demand, need, mandate, obligation, requirement, must.
prohibition (noun)
denial, prevention, prohibition, forbiddance, disapproval, preclusion, rejection, ban, Disallowance, refusal, injunction, suppression, bar, curtailment.
requirement (noun)
imperative, proviso, condition, stipulation, inevitability, requisite, prerequisite.
restraint (noun)
collar, Detainment, bondage, leash, tether, bridle, stricture, detention, shackle, confinement, constriction, control.
shyness (noun)
humility, inhibition.
state (noun)
subordination (noun)
servility, enslavement, compliance, slavery, submission, subservience, service, subjugation, serfdom, deference, thrall, subordination, obedience, supineness, subjection.
taking into custody (noun)
violence (noun)

Other synonyms:

confines, circumscription, duress, limitation, self-censorship, boundary, stiff upper lip, temperance, self-discipline, willpower. violence. strength, trammel. force. check, range. limit. imprisonment

Usage examples for constraint

  1. But some constraint still remained, and, after awhile, Tom accepted the situation and grew accustomed to it. – Left End Edwards by Ralph Henry Barbour
  2. He put a severe constraint upon himself and said, " Do you know, Frank, the same thought had occurred to me- I had believed that I saw something of the kind; and I can honestly say that I think Guthrie a very sound fellow indeed in every way- quite apart from his worldly prospects. – Watersprings by Arthur Christopher Benson
  3. I would have put any constraint upon myself, and, Heaven knows! – Mugby Junction by Charles Dickens