Synonyms for Assuage:


numb, deaden. fill, satisfy, surfeit. study at. sweeten, dulcify. assuage (noun)
allay, conciliate, alleviate, palliate, pacify, gruntle, slake, gentle, quench, lenify, relieve, appease, mollify, placate.


alleviate (verb)
mitigate, palliate, soothe, allay, lessen, reduce, moderate.
calm (verb)
placate, quell, cool, quiet, compose, calm, sedate, pacify, tranquilize, still.
pacify (verb)
hush, mollify, reconcile, soften, smooth, defuse, stabilize, conciliate, ebb.
relieve (verb)
console, aid, remedy, ease, lull, comfort, help, appease, cure, relieve, alleviate.
soothe, relieve (verb)
lessen, appease, mitigate, fill, surfeit, cool, tranquilize, palliate, alleviate, moderate, lull, ease, pacify, sweeten, calm, mollify, quench, still, allay, compose, soften, conciliate, placate, satisfy, quiet.

Other synonyms:

dulcify, deaden. numb. satisfy. decrease
make peace
Other relevant words:
gruntle, satisfy, numb, fill, gentle, slake, dulcify, deaden, surfeit, quench, lenify, sweeten.

Usage examples for assuage

  1. I did not mean in any way to speak of myself; I have cares, regrets, and sorrows, as have most of us; but I have no cause of misery which I cannot assuage – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  2. I this conflict longer will not wage, The conflict duty claims- the giant task;- Thy spells, O virtue, never can assuage The heart's wild fire- this offering do not ask True, I have sworn- a solemn vow have sworn, That I myself will curb the self within; Yet take thy wreath, no more it shall be worn- Take back thy wreath, and leave me free to sin. – Poems of The Second Period by Frederich Schiller
  3. The impression of the multitude streaming from that gap in the wooden wall was like nothing more than the impression of a burst main which only the emptying of the reservoir will assuage – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett