Synonyms for Meanness:


grasping, degrading, groveling, scolding, stealing, Quarreling, sneaking, cheating. ill will, attitude, poisonousness, venomousness, despitefulness, spite. a mean action (noun)
groveling, cheating, scolding, sneaking, Quarreling, degrading.
asperity (noun)
moroseness, sourness, crabbiness, crossness, Churlishness.
economy (noun)
niggardliness, miserliness, stinginess.
malevolence (noun)
hatefulness, maliciousness, bitterness, hurtfulness, spitefulness, wickedness, hatred, virulence, antagonism, animosity, malice, venom, bane, malignancy, cattiness, nastiness, viciousness, foulness, corrosiveness, ill nature, evil, malevolence, sinisterness.
meanness (noun)
niggardliness, closeness, parsimoniousness, Niggardness, minginess, tightfistedness, beastliness, tightness, parsimony.
stinginess (noun)
stinginess, parsimony, thrift, abstemiousness, miserliness, pettiness, austerity, tightness, meagerness, frugality.
sullenness (noun)
grimness, glumness, dourness, petulance, obstinacy, gloominess, crabbiness, sullenness, grumpiness, cantankerousness, hostility, long-facedness, grouchiness, melancholy, irascibility, crossness, moodiness, surliness, sourness, cynicism, unfriendliness, contrariness, darkness, sulkiness, dejection, fretfulness, moroseness.
the quality of being mean (noun)
degeneracy, infamy, closeness, wickedness, malignity, rapacity, degradation, pettiness, baseness, avarice, greed, miserliness, beastliness, iniquity, corruptness, malice, parsimony, debasement, Churlishness, disrepute, covetousness, frugality, stinginess.
vindictiveness (noun)

Other synonyms:

venomousness, poisonousness, despitefulness. malignity, spite. ill will. meanness

Usage examples for meanness

  1. Nobody carries out anything just for meanness or because they said they were going to. – Betty Lee, Freshman by Harriet Pyne Grove
  2. Openly of course he continued on his best behaviour, but behind the scenes he permitted himself to grumble loudly at the old lady's meanness and miserly ways. – The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood by Arthur Griffiths