Synonyms for Determine:


add up. arrive at, come down, command, devise, invent, manage, commit yourself, make up your mind. adjudge, cure, decree, keep down, law, umpire. demarcate, limited. determine (noun)
ascertain, decide, find, find out, fix, influence, limit, make up one's mind, mold, set, settle, shape, specify, square off, square up.


ascertain (verb)
ascertain, assure, audit, find out, double check.
calculate (verb)
account, add, appraise, approximate, assess, calculate, compute, conclude, consider, count, deduce, divide, enumerate, estimate, evaluate, figure, gauge, guess, infer, judge, measure, multiply, plan, plot, presume, program, quantify, quantize, rank, rate, rationalize, reckon, schedule, scheme, score, study, sum, suppose, surmise, systematize, tally, think, total, triangulate, value, weigh.
choose (verb)
adopt, choose, elect, espouse, fancy, favor, like, pick, prefer, select, wish.
choose, decide (verb)
elect, fix.
conclude, decide (verb)
arbitrate, figure, resolve, rule, settle.
dictate, govern, regulate (verb)
command, decide, devise, influence, invent, limit, manage, measure, plot, shape.
discover (verb)
breakthrough, detect, dig up, disclose, discover, disinter, educe, elicit, expose, fathom, identify, realize, recognize, reveal, solve, unearth, unmask, unravel, Unriddle.
discover, find out (verb)
ascertain, certify, check, demonstrate, detect, establish, unearth, verify.
evince (verb)
adduce, attest, authenticate, avouch, betoken, certify, confirm, connote, corroborate, declare, demonstrate, depose, document, establish, evince, exemplify, exhibit, illustrate, indicate, manifest, observe, prove, state, substantiate, support, testify, validate, vouch, witness.
experiment (verb)
analyze, assay, benchmark, check, experiment, investigate, probe, research, test, try, verify.
judge (verb)
adjudicate, arbitrate, decide, find, mediate, pronounce, referee, resolve, rule, sentence.
prove (verb)
ascertain, certify, confirm, demonstrate, establish, prove, verify.

Other synonyms:

add up, adjudge, arrive at. come down, demarcate. keep down. cure. ascertain
double check.
enumerate, multiply.
make up one's mind, wish.
dig up.
make sure
Other relevant words:
add up, adjudge, arrive at, command, cure, decree, demarcate, devise, fix, influence, invent, law, limit, limited, make up one's mind, manage, mold, set, settle, shape, specify, square off, square up, umpire.

Usage examples for determine

  1. Her father taught her until she was old enough to determine whether she would really have a fine voice. – Famous Singers of To-day and Yesterday by Henry C. Lahee
  2. Only the wisdom of eternity can determine which, if either, I served or injured. – Half a Century by Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm
  3. People came to America because they wanted to determine their own future rather than to live in a country where others determined their future for them. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various