Synonyms for Dignity:


rank, willpower, constraint, temperance, self-censorship, significance, self-discipline, Fame, discipline, stiff upper lip, self-control, self-restraint. reputation, self-respecting, good report, status, stock, prestige, repute, street cred, cred, good name, respect. attribute (noun)
self-regard, self-respect.
dignity (noun)
gravitas, self-esteem, lordliness, self-respect, self-regard.
elegance (noun)
cultivation, decorousness, sophistication, civility, elegance, Classicalism, stylishness, refinement, neatness, charm, breeding, tastefulness, fineness, exquisiteness, gracefulness, culture.
excellence, nobility (noun)
decorum, elevation, distinction, decency, rank, splendor, solemnity, regard, majesty, propriety, worthiness, culture, consequence, significance, worth, self-respect, honor, gravity, sublimity, stateliness, stature, status, courtliness, character, importance, greatness, loftiness, prestige, renown.
good manners (noun)
importance (noun)
nobility (noun)
Regality, Princeliness, nobility, distinction, Kingliness, lordliness, stateliness, Knightliness, majesty, aristocracy, sovereignty, Queenliness, courtliness, greatness, Augustness, grandness, imperialness, heroicalness, stature.
pride (noun)
rank (noun)
respect (noun)
self-control (noun)
self-esteem (noun)
pride, self-respect.
self-regard (noun)
seriousness (noun)

Other synonyms:

decorum, street cred, good name, good report, stiff upper lip, self-discipline, temperance, self-censorship, willpower, Fame, cred, self-respecting, self-restraint. constraint. prestige. repute, status, pride. discipline. reputation. honor. stock. calmness
Other relevant words:
decorum, renown, cred, gravity, self-regard, rank, self-control, self-respect, ceremoniousness, stock, prestige, self-confidence, formality, sublimity, character, pride, good name, good report, status, significance, repute, decency, reputation, gravitas, assurance, propriety, elevation, importance, worth, constraint, regard, self-esteem, respect, worthiness, consequence, loftiness, reserve, Fame, composure, splendor, honor, solemnity.

Usage examples for dignity

  1. " Then I need not trouble you any longer," he said in a firm tone, and turned with real dignity to leave. – The Lion's Share by E. Arnold Bennett
  2. I knew, of course, that repose added dignity but this seemed too much. – Memoirs of an American Prima Donna by Clara Louise Kellogg
  3. " On the other hand," said Dwight with dignity I know a good deal about him." – Miss Lulu Bett by Zona Gale