Synonyms for Cramp:


suppress, hold back, squeeze out, stamp out, interfere with, kill off, shut off, cut into. the change of life, restriction, amenorrhoea, hindrance, biological clock, menstrual, menopause, Cramps, menstrual cycle, the curse, encumbrance, amenorrhea, impediment, menses. shoot, colic, growing pains, paroxysm, backache, electric shock, eyestrain, bellyache. cramp (noun)
hamper, spasm, strangle, muscle spasm, cramp iron, halter.
limit (noun)
muscle spasm (noun)
restriction, crick, pain, pang, stitch, hindrance, impediment, ache.
pain (noun)
inflammation, smarting, discomfort, anguish, injury, pain, infliction, agony, stitch, affliction, bite, chafing, gripe, bruise, stab, misery, earache, pang, headache, sting, wound, torment, distress, crick, rack, spasm, sore, grief, irritation, suffering, throb, Migraine, hurt, burn, painfulness, torture, malaise, wrench, ache, Back Ache, throe.
state (noun)
spasm, muscle spasm.


disable (verb)
anesthetize, sap, dull, scotch, disable, enfeeble, botch, vitiate, hamper, paralyze, stupefy, weaken, tamper, deaden, invalidate, cripple, lame, prostrate, screw up, stun, hobble, neutralize, incapacitate, hinder, disarm, hamstring, benumb, undermine, handicap, impair, abrogate.
hinder (verb)
bar, block, dam, baffle, mire, interrupt, restrict, snag, complicate, restrain, drag, check, impede, crimp, inhibit, brake, resist, encumber, stay, obstruct, clog, constipate, detain, fetter, stop, plug, curb, bottleneck, entangle, thwart, catch, congest, frustrate, jam, deter, foul, constrain, bung, choke, oppose, delay, burden, snarl, counter, entrap, tangle.
hinder, restrain (verb)
constrain, encumber, check, clog, hamstring, hamper, handicap, impede, restrict, thwart, inhibit, obstruct.
pain (verb)
agonize, inflame, irritate, smart, chafe, suffer, afflict.

Other synonyms:

electric shock, impediment, backache, eyestrain, bellyache, colic. growing pains. restriction. paroxysm. bottle up
Other relevant words:
hindrance, Cramps, restriction, shoot, eyestrain, cramp iron, colic, strangle, encumbrance, impediment, muscle spasm, paroxysm, backache, bellyache, halter.

Usage examples for cramp

  1. I can't bear people who never let themselves go, or rather, who have nothing in them to carry them away- they cramp and bore me. – My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin
  2. Try it now; put them up high, as though you were shrugging them; and expand your chest too; you mustn't cramp that. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson
  3. How it will cramp the young wills and annihilate the fine courage of their souls! – The Forerunners by Romain Rolland