Synonyms for Migraine:


alopecia, add, acidity, amnesia, acne, allergy, amenorrhoea, alcoholism, amenorrhea, adhd. migraine (noun)
hemicrania, sick headache, megrim.
pain (noun)
sore, bite, distress, throe, suffering, anguish, pain, rack, throb, cramp, affliction, crick, burn, gripe, stitch, spasm, Back Ache, chafing, malaise, sting, headache, torture, inflammation, smarting, stab, grief, irritation, earache, painfulness, discomfort, bruise, torment, agony, pang, ache, infliction, hurt, misery, injury, wrench, wound.
serious headache (noun)
megrim, headache.
sick headache (noun)
megrim, hemicrania.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
amenorrhoea, alopecia, acne, amenorrhea, acidity, adhd, alcoholism, amnesia, add, megrim, allergy, hemicrania, sick headache.

Usage examples for Migraine

  1. He was only twice at the Turkins' in the course of the four years after Ekaterina Ivanovna had gone away, on each occasion at the invitation of Vera Iosifovna, who was still undergoing treatment for migraine – The Lady with the Dog and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov