Synonyms for Bypass:


stay out of, wriggle out of (doing) something, duck out of, get out of, flinch from (doing) something. appendectomy, caesarean, cesarean, eschew, abortion, d and c, c-section, colostomy, burke, angioplasty, circumcision. avenue, boulevard, byroad, B-road, approach, evasion, blacktop, circumvention, avoidance, artery, byway. bus, car pool, change down, box in, block in, carry, back up, carve up, buckle up. funnel, tube, run, tubing, chute, roller. bypass (noun)
electrical shunt, Short circuit, ring road, circumferential, shunt, go around, get around.
detour (noun)
road, temporary route, detour, byway, side road.
escape (noun)


avoid (verb)
circumnavigate, duck, dodge, shun, evade, detour, go around, escape, avoid, burke, decline, skirt, circumvent, recoil, abstain, skip, get around, elude, avert, shirk, shrink, sidestep.
communication (verb)
get around, go around.

Other synonyms:

blacktop, appendectomy, bandage, circumcision, circumnavigate, circumvention, catheterize, boulevard, anesthetize, B-road, cauterize, byroad, d and c, box in, detour, road, car pool, bring back, buckle up, angioplasty, side road, colostomy, change down, avenue, bleed. burke, byway, block in, avoidance, evasion, chute, artery, eschew, tubing. carve up, skirt. funnel. bus, roller. back up. approach. carry. run. go-around
go around.
go around.
Short circuit.