Synonyms for Brake:


Air brake, brake fluid, ABS, alternator, brake pad, automatic transmission, acceleration, antilock braking system, bottom gear. inconvenience, leash, bit, problem, bridle, snaffle, predicament, embarrassment. slow, slow down, ease off, grind to a halt, slack off, throttle back, let up, slacken. brake (noun)
bracken, pasture brake, Pteridium Aquilinum.
check (noun)
emergency, contracting, power ABS, governor, hand, four-wheel, disc, drum, parking, automatic, webbing, disk, hydraulic, band, friction, expanding, compressed air, pawl, ratchet, anti-lock braking system, retarding device, discouragement.
handle (noun)
pull, stock, shank, spindle, crank, handle, brace, doorknob, lug, knob, knocker, trigger.
hindrance (noun)
drawback, blockage, constipation, disadvantage, entanglement, deterrent, impasse, hurdle, interruption, restriction, restraint, encumbrance, impedance, opposition, stoppage, frustration, damper, constraint, entrapment, obstacle, obstruction, resistance, bafflement, hindrance, inhibition, impediment, barrier, blockade, complication, congestion.
limit (noun)
stopping device; check (noun)
discouragement, hurdle, hindrance, damper, deterrent, obstacle, constraint, restraint, retarding device, hamper, curb.


check; stop (verb)
impede, stop, block, bar, obstruct, dam, slow down, slow, hinder, slacken.
hinder (verb)
detain, curb, interrupt, handicap, cripple, dam, constrain, frustrate, restrict, check, drag, bottleneck, thwart, oppose, restrain, obstruct, inhibit, crimp, fetter, block, catch, foul, entangle, cramp, delay, stop, snarl, bar, deter, complicate, burden, bung, jam, impair, snag, tangle, clog, hinder, impede, congest, resist, paralyze, plug, counter, constipate, hamper, encumber, baffle, stay, entrap, mire, hamstring.

Other synonyms:

Pteridium aquilinum
Pteridium Aquilinum.
Air brake, automatic transmission, acceleration, snaffle, inconvenience, antilock braking system, throttle back, brake pad, predicament, brake fluid, bottom gear, alternator, slow down, embarrassment. ease off, bridle, ABS, let up. slow. slow
ease off.
Other relevant words:
expanding, alternator, hydraulic, parking, pawl, bit, slow, drum, discouragement, acceleration, four-wheel, disk, contracting, leash, slacken, snaffle, friction, band, emergency, ratchet, hand, predicament, ease off, governor, inconvenience, automatic, retarding device, webbing, Pteridium Aquilinum, embarrassment, slack off, ABS, disc, bracken, slow down, pasture brake, problem, bridle.

Usage examples for brake

  1. He tried to take her hand again, but she fled swiftly among the brake fern and the thickets seeking May. – Greene Ferne Farm by Richard Jefferies
  2. Just as I was getting through the brake to this spot I stopped short with a chill. – Roof and Meadow by Dallas Lore Sharp