Synonyms for Recess:


class, lesson, cessation, interregnum, after-school, half-day, assembly, coffee break, lights-out, lull, extended school, halt, free period, playtime, interim. dent, angle, hollow, facing, dado, frieze, firewall, crutch, front, fork, pigeonhole, opening, gable, damp, mouth, baseboard, clerestory. bay, ambush, cell, closet, laze, idle away, wind down, recharge your batteries, bask, sit back, while away, lounge around, relax, crypt. ending (noun)
interruption (noun)
postponement, hitch, suspension, stoppage, interval, interruption, interlude, relief, hiatus.
niche, corner (noun)
closet, alcove, hollow, cove, break, crypt, cranny, bay, dent, crutch, opening, nook, fork, cell, mouth, ambush, angle.
nook (noun)
cove, cranny, cubbyhole, corner, niche, alcove, nook.
playtime (noun)
recess (noun)
inlet, adjourn, recession, corner, niche, time out, respite, break, deferral, break up.
rest (noun)
time-out (noun)
time out.


interrupt (verb)
postpone, reprieve, relieve, stay, stop, interrupt, delay, suspend, break, snag, pause.
regress (verb)
regress, decline, backslide, relapse, return.
stop (verb)

Other synonyms:

playtime, breather. cooling-off period. halt, cell. adjourn
respite, coffee break.
time out.

Usage examples for recess

  1. The strongest opposition, however, came from Ducal Saxony, where Flacius attacked the Recess in two books. – Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church by Friedrich Bente
  2. I slipped into the recess fearing to take her by surprise. – Aylwin by Theodore Watts-Dunton
  3. You pressed a spring in the panelling, and found a recess in the stone of the thick wall behind. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall