Synonyms for Deplete:


cut back, halve, shrivel, trim down, top-slice. give, impoverish, increase, rich. continue, desiccate, dry up, give out, run out. deplete (noun)
consume, eat, eat up, exhaust, use up, wipe out, run-through.


consume (verb)
consume, devour, dissipate, exhaust, expend, spend.
consume, exhaust supply (verb)
decrease, diminish, drain, dry up, expend, impoverish, lessen, reduce, spend, use up.
consumption (verb)
consume, eat, eat up, exhaust, use up, wipe out.
decrease (verb)
abate, abbreviate, abridge, compact, compress, concentrate, contract, curtail, decrease, decrement, deduct, deflate, die down, diminish, drain, dwindle, erode, lessen, lower, recede, shorten, shrink, subside, truncate.
diminish (verb)
bob, clip, condense, crop, cull, downgrade, lighten, minimize, nip, pare, prune, reduce, shave, shear, taper, trim, weed.
lose (verb)
debit, dispossess, dissolve, divest, drop, forfeit, lose, misplace.

Other synonyms:

run out. desiccate, impoverish. consume
run through
use up
Other relevant words:
desiccate, dry up, eat, eat up, give out, impoverish, run out, use up, wipe out.

Usage examples for deplete

  1. We are all aware that Chatham Street and the Bowery are the legitimate abiding places of those benevolent Hebrews, whose zeal for the public welfare, and pity for ragged humanity, lead them to continually offer their valuable and undoubtedly durable articles of wearing apparel to the needy public " below cost;" and the enviable philosophy with which they bear the " alarming sacrifices" which must daily deplete their ample fortunes, has often been the subject of wondering remark. – Doesticks, What He Says by Q. K. Philander Doesticks
  2. We must have the long vision, and not be scuppered by the fears of those who would deplete our most vital industry.... – The Burning Spear by John Galsworthy
  3. 142. From what we know, we can decrease or augment, deplete or replenish, waste or retain, discourage or nurture , obliterate or create. – PoPHILO by Dom