Synonyms for Steal:


walk off with, run away with, help yourself to something. at-bat, ball, ball boy, ballpark, base, baseball, baseline, give, hook, pinch, snitch, thieve, rip off, batboy, ball girl. balk, bat, baulk, bunt, catch, double, fly, foul, glide, ground out, gumshoe, lurk, move, prowl, skulk, slink, snake, HIT. fixer-upper, knickknack, nicknack, schlock, tat, Bric-a brac, knockoff, cheapie. clear, crease, cross, crumple, express, falter, flash, furrow, gleam. color, come over, engulf, grip, grow, heighten, pulse, run, surge, sweep over. pad, patter. bargain (noun)
buy (noun)
steal (noun)
bargain, buy, creep, mouse, pussyfoot, slip, sneak.


bleed (verb)
borrow (verb)
break in (verb)
burgle, rob.
possession (verb)
rip off.
steal (verb)
abduct, abstract, blackmail, burglarize, carry off, cheat, cop, cozen, creep, defraud, despoil, embezzle, extort, filch, fleece, glide, grab, haul, heist, hijack, hold up, holdup, housebreak, keep, kidnap, lift, loot, lurk, misappropriate, mug, nip, palm, peculate, pilfer, pillage, pirate, plagiarize, plunder, poach, pocket, ransack, rifle, rob, rustle, sack, shanghai, shoplift, skulk, slink, slip, snake, snitch, spirit away, stick up, stickup, strip, swindle, swipe, thieve, rip off, make off with, walk off with, run off with, hold for ransom, take possession of.
take (verb)
walk off with.

Other synonyms:

fixer-upper, hold up, knickknack, lurk, nicknack, pillage, schlock, snitch, stick up, tat, Bric-a brac, cheapie, run off with. liberate, prowl, ransack, rifle, seize, skulk, slink. pinch. snake. glide. abduct
kidnap, make off with.
filch, pirate.
hold up
carry away, carry off, spirit away, make off with, run away with.
Other relevant words:
abduct, annex, bag, balk, ball, ballpark, bargain, base, baseball, baseline, bat, baulk, borrow, bunt, burgle, carry away, carry off, catch, cheat, clear, color, counterfeit, cozen, crease, creep, crib, cross, crumple, despoil, double, engulf, express, falter, flash, fly, foul, furrow, give, gleam, glide, grip, grow, gumshoe, gyp, heighten, hold up, hook, housebreak, impress, keep, kidnap, knickknack, liberate, lurk, misappropriate, mooch, mouse, move, nicknack, pad, patter, peculate, pillage, pinch, prowl, pulse, pussyfoot, ransack, rifle, run, sack, schlock, seize, skulk, slink, slip, snake, sneak, snitch, spirit away, stick up, strip, surge, tat, thieve, knockoff, skyjack, rip off, HIT, batboy, make off with, walk off with, cheapie, run away with, run off with, hold for ransom, take possession of.

Usage examples for steal

  1. Paul felt some little hope steal over him. – The Woman of Mystery by Maurice Leblanc
  2. As soon as it was quite dark I would swim the water, holding the little rifle, Intombi, above my head, and try to steal the canoe. – Allan and the Holy Flower by H. Rider Haggard
  3. " Daughter," said a sweet voice that she knew, though it appeared to come out and steal up from the leaves of another morning- glory,-" Daughter!" – Stories of Childhood by Various