Synonyms for Plunder:


burgle, walk off with, run away with, help yourself to something. contraband, give, harrow, havoc, plant, ravage, Depredate, Spoliate, Crimes, ill-gotten gains. breaking and entering, burglary, extortion, grand larceny, hijacking, hold up, carjacking, identity theft, break in. booty (noun)
bag, booty, catch, graft, prize, swag, Boodle, spoils.
destruction (noun)
havoc (noun)
plunder (noun)
booty, despoil, foray, loot, pillage, prize, ransack, reave, rifle, sack, spoil, strip, swag, violate.
something stolen (noun)
booty, graft, loot, pillage, prize, spoil, winnings.


ravage, steal (verb)
despoil, fleece, foray, grab, lift, ransack, rifle, rob, sack, strip, Depredate.
steal (verb)
abstract, blackmail, burglarize, cop, defraud, embezzle, extort, filch, fleece, grab, haul, heist, hijack, holdup, lift, loot, mug, nip, palm, pilfer, pirate, plagiarize, poach, pocket, rob, rustle, shanghai, shoplift, steal, stickup, swindle, swipe.

Other synonyms:

burgle, contraband, hold up, Depredate, Spoliate, walk off with, ill-gotten gains. harrow, break in. plant. misappropriate
pillage, ravage.
walk off with.
plagiarize, steal.
Other relevant words:
breaking and entering, burglary, burgle, contraband, despoil, extortion, foray, harrow, havoc, hijacking, hold up, pillage, plant, ransack, ravage, reave, rifle, sack, spoil, strip, violate, winnings, Depredate, carjacking, Spoliate, Crimes, walk off with.

Usage examples for plunder

  1. Monkeys and baboons form regular bands to rob and plunder – The Human Side of Animals by Royal Dixon
  2. All the settlers complain sadly of being frequently robbed by the runaway convicts, who plunder them incessantly. – A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson by Watkin Tench
  3. They destroyed for destruction's sake, not for purposes of plunder – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley