Synonyms for Introduce:


edit, edit out, anchor, bleep out, guest, go on (the) TV/radio, import, carry, transport, get on, front, hand back. common market, blockade, propose, balance of trade, embargo, set forth, balance of payments, export. start-off, bring about, trigger, catalyze, make known. found, ground, launch, tutor, coach, teach, organize, educate, lecture, train, instruct. come across, meet up, include, bump into, see, run into, add, encounter, meet, come-on. open. knowledge. herald, proclaim, announce. moot, bring up, raise, broach, put forth. interpolate, interlard. words. introduce (noun)
enclose, innovate, stick in, insert, premise, inclose, inaugurate, preface, put in, acquaint, infix, usher in, bring in, present, enter.


admit (verb)
begin (verb)
stem, institute, embark, dawn, trigger, hatch, inaugurate, emerge, lead, germinate, sprout, start, generate, prepare, initiate, induct, commence, bud, spring, originate, form, develop, bring about, begin, conceive, undertake, produce, initialize, birth, create.
bring up (verb)
insert (verb)
infiltrate, inset, pierce, interpose, insert, insinuate, lodge, intrude, embed, penetrate, interpolate, inject, implant.
introduce (verb)
carry, interpose, acquaint, infix, import, include, interpolate, invent, initiate, precede, enter, inject, commence, inset, found, bring up, propose, originate, present, start, broach, organize, innovate, inaugurate, pioneer, insinuate, open, preface, put in, induct, bring in, set forth, launch, announce, usher in, herald, moot, transport.
originate (verb)
institute, produce, invent, generate.
precede (verb)
anticipate, foreshadow, lead, trail-blaze, antecede, predate, precede, antedate, pioneer, Forerun, head off.

Other synonyms:

import, propose, interlard, broach. include, meet up, moot, bump into. proclaim, run into, announce. encounter, launch, bring up. raise. meet. see. add
bring up
put in, infiltrate.
predate, Forerun, antecede.
Other relevant words:
catalyze, moot, proclaim, bring in, enter, teach, bring up, present, add, include, encounter, inclose, acquaint, premise, make known, coach, blockade, anchor, announce, knowledge, words, preface, found, lecture, train, interpolate, broach, embargo, instruct, put in, stick in, bring about, enclose, organize, transport, innovate, guest, launch, propose, meet, educate, raise, export, see, open, infix, ground, interlard, front, trigger, carry, run into, tutor, herald, set forth, usher in, import, put forth, edit.

Usage examples for introduce

  1. I must talk it all over with you before I introduce you to her. – The Husbands of Edith by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. Haj Ahmed's son wished to introduce the question of religion. – Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846 by James Richardson