Synonyms for Proposition:


abacus, algorithm, calculation, project, average, decimal place, countdown, binomial, approximation, computational, deviation. act, bill, civil rights, Chapter 11, case law, Chapter 7, submission, civil law, bylaw, claim, civil liberties. flirtation, coquetry, man-eating, tease, come-on, a fast worker, on the make, coquettish, flirtatious, flirt. circumstance, context, situation, state of affairs, environment, background, event, conditions, climate. chase, pair off, have your eye on someone, make a pass at someone, pick up, ask out, run after, sweep someone off their feet, chat up. nomination, recommendation. appeal (noun)
course of action (noun)
intention (noun)
plan (noun)
blueprint, chart, anticipation, intention, aim, arrangement, coordination, premeditation, conception, scheme, plot, contrivance, expectation, idea, invention, design, plan.
proposition (noun)
proposal, suggestion, proffer.
suggestion; scheme (noun)
plan, hypothesis, recommendation, premise, proffer, project, proposal.

Other synonyms:

doctrine. nomination, recommendation. submission. pick up. proposal