Synonyms for Buy:


derive, gain, come by, find, get together, bring. believe in, suppose, reckon, imagine, think, recognize, presume, suspect, money, be a great/firm believer in something. pay off, buy up, snap up, place, persuasion, invest in, get in, import. goods, come-on, offering, consumer goods, loss leader, merchandise, bundle, wares, opinion, acquisition, product, accept, believe. arrange, orchestrate, fix, draw up, plan, map out, finalize, organize, dream up, think ahead. cultivate, blackmail, make up to, maneuver, flatter, keep in with, buy off, cozy up. work out, cost, be extra, command, set-back, come in at, get your money's worth. buy (noun)
corrupt, bribe, purchase, steal, bargain.
possession (noun)
steal, bargain.
something purchased (noun)
good deal, bargain, purchase, steal, acquisition.
value (noun)
good deal.


acquire (verb)
heap, reap, take, harvest, bag, garner, incur, net, procure, purchase, obtain, fetch, acquire, catch, secure, capture, retrieve, palm, corner, amass, land, wrangle, receive, annex, score, lure, pocket, add, collect, accumulate, win, claim, assume, get.
bribe (verb)
fix, land, corrupt.
possession (verb)
purchase (verb)
procure, acquire, take, secure, score, invest in, get, obtain.

Other synonyms:

snap up, believe, invest in, come in at, set-back, keep in with, buy off, buy up. import, flatter, get in, make up to. cultivate. place, blackmail. maneuver, cost. work out, accept. command. bribe
pay off.

Usage examples for buy

  1. But you could get somebody who knew more about them than yourself to buy for you. – Malcolm by George MacDonald