Synonyms for Bud:


bract, blade, boll, bur, anther, beanstalk, aerial root, bulb. mate, germ, kernel, sugar, spark, sister, baby, seed, BRO, babe, honey, nucleus, my man, embryo, pardner. child, blossom, bear, climb, bairn, choke, Moppet, bloom, juvenile, fade, innocent, die back, come up, youth, tot, youngster, kin, come out, kid. beginning (noun)
bud (noun)
embryo, develop, sprout, germ.
flower (noun)
bloom, blossom.
new sprout on plant (noun)
blossom, spark, embryo, nucleus, germ, incipient flower, bloom.
shoot (noun)
flower, embryo, incipient flower, germ.
tot (noun)


begin (verb)
dawn, create, conceive, undertake, initialize, originate, hatch, develop, commence, induct, form, introduce, spring, birth, begin, embark, start, sprout, stem, emerge, germinate, inaugurate, initiate, prepare.
sprout (verb)

Other synonyms:

beanstalk, boll, die back, aerial root, bulb, blade, pardner, bairn, Moppet, bract, BRO, anther. honey, child, nucleus. baby, sister, bloom, kid, embryo, spark, babe. seed, youngster, fade, tot, sugar. choke, kernel. mate. climb. come out. come up. bear. abloom
Other relevant words:
bloom, bairn, boll, bear, spark, germ, kid, baby, sister, come out, climb, come up, beanstalk, innocent, kin, youth, choke, babe, Moppet, incipient flower, bract, youngster, bur, bulb, flower, pardner, BRO, kernel, seed, blade, sugar, honey, child, anther, embryo, tot, mate, fade, nucleus, blossom, juvenile.

Usage examples for bud

  1. " Tell Bud Larrimer I want to see him," he said. – Black Jack by Max Brand
  2. This was a Saxon beauty in full bud yellow as mid- May, with the eyes of opening June. – The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  3. I can't go back, Bud – Cow-Country by B. M. Bower