Synonyms for Interior:


all (adjective)
home, national, internal.
central (adjective)
innermost, midway, core, main, central, midmost, middle, halfway, pivotal, focal, median, nuclear.
inside, central (adjective)
inward, inner, within, internal, visceral, gut, domestic, innermost, inland, home.
intuitive (adjective)
inward (adjective)
intestinal, intrinsic, central, heart, inland, core, inward, visceral, subjective, inner, internal.
private (adjective)
within (adjective)


within (adverb)


bay, addition, brickwork, ceiling, catacombs, alcove, beading, cornerstone, balcony. corporation, administration (of an estate), branch, council, agency, edge, directorate, corp, the civil service, bureau, customs, inlying. breadbasket, district, area, co, airspace, county, country, body, the borderland, belt, corridor, gut. in, Into, indoors, within. developmental, bureaucratic, imperialist, laissez-faire, nongovernmental, congressional, expansionist, hawkish, constitutional. center, core (noun)
inside, heart.
interior (noun)
inner, midland, domestic, inside, department of the interior, inward, internal, inland, upcountry, home, interior department, national.

Other synonyms:

Interior Department
interior department.
indoors, congressional, inlying, expansionist, nongovernmental, hawkish. imperialist, bureaucratic. constitutional, laissez-faire, developmental. Into. in.

Usage examples for interior

  1. Its interior is four hundred and thirty feet long and one hundred and forty feet broad. – Odd Bits of Travel with Brush and Camera by Charles M. Taylor, Jr.
  2. Ten or twelve miles into the interior they appear to reach a height of six hundred to nine hundred metres. – The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, Volume I and Volume II by A.E. Nordenskieold