Synonyms for Magnify:


double, go through the roof, add to, go up. genuflect, Alleluia, hosanna, rise, build, idolatry, glory, mount, snowball, soar, run up, devotions, adoration, proliferate, beef up, hallelujah, offer up, upsurge, build up, wax. talk up, overcharge, idealize, overplay, play up. eulogize, exalt, glorify, celebrate, honor, bulk out, laud, Panegyrize, hail, extol, praise, scale up, acclaim. religion. dignify, uplift, apotheosize, ennoble. magnify (noun)
blow up, hyperbolize, hyerbolise, amplify, overdraw, enlarge, exaggerate, overstate.


enlarge, intensify (verb)
build up, eulogize, exalt, glorify, inflate, distend, expand, increase, ennoble, blow up, multiply, run up, deepen, dignify, boost, amplify, augment, extend, swell, dilate, rise, mount, heighten.
exaggerate, blow out of proportion (verb)
overdraw, overstate, overcharge, overplay.
expand (verb)
dilate, stretch, spread, develop, swell, distend, engorge, thicken.
increase (verb)
augment, expand, extend, increment, maximize, elevate, fatten, lengthen, enlarge, advance, raise, widen, boost, broaden, amplify, accrue, add, grow, upgrade, burgeon, reinforce, multiply, inflate.
intensify (verb)
escalate, deepen, stress, exaggerate, sharpen, increase, heighten, intensify, underline, accentuate, emphasize.

Other synonyms:

hosanna, upsurge, Panegyrize, exalt, offer up, talk up, bulk out, overplay, idolatry, idealize, apotheosize, scale up. extol, adoration, snowball, glorify, play up, hallelujah, glory, laud, wax, acclaim, eulogize. soar, ennoble, dignify, overcharge, proliferate. mount, uplift. build up. celebrate, rise. build. exaggerate
expand, thicken.
boost, snowball.
Other relevant words:
celebrate, double, overdraw, soar, rise, glorify, overcharge, snowball, dignify, mount, blow up, exalt, laud, upsurge, overstate, apotheosize, acclaim, bulk out, overplay, idealize, ennoble, go up, Panegyrize, wax, proliferate, build, hyerbolise, hosanna, extol, eulogize, amplify, build up, add to, play up, beef up, honor, hail, hallelujah, hyperbolize, praise, uplift.

Usage examples for magnify

  1. His desire to magnify the valour of the Somersetshire peasants, a valour which their enemies acknowledged and which did not need to be set off by exaggeration and fiction, led him to compose an absurd romance. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  2. In that camp the whole command slept on the corn in the big corn- crib; and there was usually a general row before morning, for the place was full of rats, and they would scramble over the boys' bodies and faces, annoying and irritating everybody; and now and then they would bite some one's toe, and the person who owned the toe would start up and magnify his English and begin to throw corn in the dark. – The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Last Updated: February 18, 2009
  3. There is need to magnify the national viewpoint to Americans throughout the land. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various