Synonyms for Ball:


arch, drop, pellet, armpit, big toe, balloon, appendage, clubfoot, arm, ankle, calf, knot, marble. straighten, open up, form, shape, deform, sport, catch, curl, bend, twist, reshape. balk, shell, ball girl, ballpark, baseline, base, at-bat, lead, ball boy, ammunition, bullet, shot, batboy. chip, dribble, promenade, cross, party, blast, dive, backhand, delivery, dance, reception, corner. croquet, pelota, bear the burden, jai alai, take control, ball game, netball, badminton, manage, lacrosse, take command, hurling. beach ball, bat, birdie, hop, handball, work. bulge, bowl, coil, band, crescent, circle, bubble, cone. masked ball, ceilidh, dinner dance, barn dance, knees-up, Corroboree, disco, hoedown. consummate, jump into bed with someone, make love, be intimate with someone, sleep together, sleep with, lie with, bed, spend the night with someone. ball (noun)
bollock, musket ball, football, globe, globule, snowball, cannon ball, eight ball, basketball, volleyball, medicine ball, glob, baseball, orb, baseball game, chunk, tennis ball, lump, ball bearing, testis, egg, golf ball, clod, ballock, sphere, bowling ball, orchis, clump, nut, soft ball, Ping-pong Ball.
dance (noun)
dance party (noun)
hoedown, promenade, reception, hop.
globe, sphere (noun)
globule, balloon, pellet, orb, drop.
shell (noun)
social gathering (noun)

Other synonyms:

badminton, beach ball, croquet, calf, dinner dance, lacrosse, hoedown, netball, birdie, hurling, jai alai, masked ball, barn dance, appendage, Corroboree, knees-up, pelota, at-bat, big toe, circle, ankle, ball girl, ball boy, ammunition, ceilidh, party, batboy. handball, marble, baseline, armpit, crescent, dance, disco, arch, ballpark, backhand, bowl, bubble, clubfoot, ball game, balk. dribble, bulge, cone, bat. balloon, delivery, promenade, chip, dive, arm, hop. curl, coil. shot, band. corner. cross, blast. base. catch. Other relevant words:
base, bulge, band, promenade, shell, chunk, balk, delivery, lead, clubfoot, make love, sleep with, masked ball, hurling, bed, nut, coil, manage, dribble, glob, clump, orchis, cone, corner, blast, appendage, sport, bollock, pellet, work, arch, baseball game, hoedown, chip, birdie, ballpark, circle, batboy, lump, curl, musket ball, knees-up, balloon, Corroboree, party, clod, baseline, knot, marble, consummate, shot, catch, ankle, twist, ballock, ammunition, cross, testis, handball, lie with, egg, arm, reception, form, armpit, bowl, croquet, lacrosse, straighten, ceilidh, bend, drop, bullet, dive, barn dance, reshape, netball, pelota, calf, bat, backhand, crescent, hop, badminton, deform, shape, bubble, disco, dance.

Usage examples for ball

  1. So high was he that the world looked like a ball – Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends by Gertrude Landa
  2. Just tell me- in one word- how the ball went? – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward