Synonyms for Backhanded:


oblique (adjective)
ambiguous, sarcastic, equivocal, obscure.
underhanded (adjective)
sarcastic, ambiguous, equivocal.


allusive, cutting, cheap, bland, acrid, CODED, biting, astringent, acid. freestyle, offside, front, onside, offensive, defensive, foul. backhanded (noun)
backhand, indirect.

Other synonyms:

CODED, allusive, onside. cheap, freestyle, bland, defensive, offside. cutting. offensive. foul. front. Other relevant words:
bland, freestyle, offside, indirect, equivocal, offensive, ambiguous, backhand, CODED, sarcastic, onside, allusive.

Usage examples for backhanded

  1. " I sympathize with you," he said by way of backhanded congratulation. – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day