Synonyms for Hypocrite:


brown-nose, fixer, politician, wheeler dealer, CONMAN, liar. honest, phari, tartuffe. cheat (noun)
sharper, rascal.
hypocrite (noun)
decoy, actor, humbug, masquerader, Attitudinizer, dissembler, two-timer, backslider, two-face, phony, phoney, trickster, casuist, four-flusher, sophist, poser, mountebank, swindler, crook, quack, malingerer, informer, bigot, pretender, charlatan.
impostor (noun)
poser (noun)
pretender (noun)
stool pigeon, goody-goody, quack, humbug, decoy, four-flusher, adventurer, crook, dissembler, backslider, traitor, one given to hypocrisy, knave, spieler, casuist, Holy Willie, two-timer, Attitudinizer, poseur, sharper, masquerader, trickster, rascal, mountebank, confidence man, bigot, Holy Joe, swindler, sophist, judas, God on wheels, actor, two-face, informer, phari, bunko steerer, whited sepulcher, charlatan, poser, Uriah Heep, tartuffe, Bluenose, Pecksniff, malingerer.
rascal (noun)
traitor (noun)
stool pigeon, judas.

Other synonyms:

wheeler dealer, liar, charlatan, poser, CONMAN, rascal, tartuffe, trickster, mountebank, politician, four-flusher. fixer, adventurer, humbug, knave, crook. betrayer
traitor, judas.
Other relevant words:
quack, four-flusher, phony, honest, crook, fixer, adventurer, confidence man, decoy, backslider, sophist, Bluenose, judas, phari, brown-nose, Attitudinizer, tartuffe, trickster, mountebank, poser, liar, swindler, politician, malingerer, charlatan, bigot, goody-goody, rascal, poseur, informer, whited sepulcher, actor, spieler, humbug, Pecksniff, wheeler dealer, traitor, casuist, masquerader, two-face, sharper, two-timer, CONMAN, knave.

Usage examples for hypocrite

  1. Well, he would not be a hypocrite he would not bother or embarrass her with the expression of a tenderness neither of them felt; he would be gentle, he would kiss her if she seemed to expect it, but he would talk brightly and naturally of trivial things, he would make the occasion seem as little weighted with portent as possible. – Secret Bread by F. Tennyson Jesse
  2. Praise is the work of heaven; but we see here, that an hypocrite may get into that vein, even while an hypocrite and while on earth below. – The Pharisee And The Publican by John Bunyan