Synonyms for Tawdry:


brazen (adjective)
shameless, brassy.
cheap (adjective)
shoddy, tatty, trashy, sleazy, base, sordid.
flashy (adjective)
tasteless, cheap.
gaudy (adjective)
gross, coarse.
inelegant (adjective)
crude, vulgar, tactless, barbarous, inelegant, gross, tasteless, coarse, undignified, gawky, uncivil, graceless, boorish, awkward, earthy, clumsy, raw, rude, brutish, unpolished, unrefined.
loud (adjective)
rude, crass.
tawdry (adjective)
flashy, gimcrack, offensive, loud, brazen, chintzy, glaring, gaudy, tinsel, common, crude, poor, vulgar, garish, meretricious.
vulgar (adjective)
tactless, coarse-grained, barnyard, common, cheap, crude, ignoble, ill-bred, crass, coarse, outlandish, base, in bad taste, undignified, colloquial, unbecoming, offensive, rough, tasteless, sleazy, unrefined, indelicate, brutish, homespun, broad, profane, boorish, philistine, graceless, salty, gross, low, barbaric, rank, garish, idiomatic, depraved, chintzy, brazen, ignominious, scandalous, gaudy, shameless, clumsy, unseemly, earthy, animal, degraded, rude, obscene, cockney, repulsive, raw, unpolished, vulgar, sordid, inelegant, glaring, revolting.


amoral, deviant, sinful, evil, perverted, unethical, wicked, immoral. downscale, tinsel, bargain-basement, nickel-and-dime, brummagem, style. sleazy (noun)
tawdry (noun)
gimcrack, tacky, cheap, tatty, brassy, in poor taste, tasteless, gaudy, cheapjack, flash, meretricious, shoddy, loud, inferior, garish, trashy, flashy.

Other synonyms:

downscale, brummagem. poor, nickel-and-dime, bargain-basement, tinsel. Other relevant words:
in poor taste, loud, meretricious, nickel-and-dime, downscale, inferior, trashy, shoddy, perverted, evil, sinful, gimcrack, cheapjack, brassy, wicked, poor, immoral, unethical, tacky, style, deviant, tinsel, bargain-basement, tatty, flash, amoral, flashy, brummagem.

Usage examples for tawdry

  1. Compared to the Chinese things surrounding them, they were tawdry and barbaric. – The Problem of China by Bertrand Russell
  2. I knew that my feeling was unreasonable, but entering that sedate house, under the blaze of the morning sun, I was ashamed of my tawdry dress. – The Jervaise Comedy by J. D. Beresford
  3. It was so terribly important and at the same time such a tawdry practical joke. – The Professor's Mystery by Wells Hastings Brian Hooker