Synonyms for Flint:


chalk, haematite, felspar, feldspar, basalt, crystal, alabaster, igneous, hematite. cheroot, cigarette paper, cigarette, cigar, butt, chew, briar, ciggy, fag. pebble, pinnacle, scree, boulder, shingle, gravel, spar, meteorite. flint (noun)
flint river.
quartz (noun)
mineral, rock, adamant, silica, stone.

Other synonyms:

Flint River
flint river.
feldspar, igneous, hematite, haematite, boulder, gravel, basalt, pebble, meteorite. chalk, crystal, alabaster, pinnacle, shingle. spar. rock. stone. Other relevant words:
cigar, silica, fag, felspar, chew, crystal, basalt, gravel, butt, pinnacle, chalk, meteorite, adamant, mineral, briar, cigarette, hematite, scree, cheroot, rock, feldspar, alabaster, igneous, haematite, stone, shingle, pebble, boulder, ciggy, spar.

Usage examples for flint

  1. Miss Abigail and Miss Molly were silent in their rusty black, Miss Molly's soft eyes red with restrained tears, Miss Abigail's face like a flint – Hillsboro People by Dorothy Canfield
  2. When you go out into the world will you remember that, Fire- Flint – The Shagganappi by E. Pauline Johnson