Synonyms for Indelicate:


all (adjective)
off-color, off-colour.
discourteous (adjective)
improper (adjective)
indecent, lewd, untoward, indecorous, improper, unseemly, unsuitable, study at coarse, unbefitting, inappropriate, unfit.
obscene, vulgar (adjective)
rude, crude, tasteless, unseemly, unbecoming, immodest, uncouth, lewd, coarse, brash, brutish, offensive, untactful, indecent, untoward, low, base, improper, off-color, indecorous, earthy.
vulgar (adjective)
colloquial, unrefined, tasteless, depraved, barnyard, base, ignoble, revolting, in bad taste, offensive, chintzy, sleazy, cockney, earthy, low, sordid, ignominious, inelegant, crass, rough, outlandish, unbecoming, shameless, gross, rank, idiomatic, barbaric, garish, degraded, cheap, tactless, common, boorish, homespun, broad, crude, gaudy, coarse-grained, brazen, profane, obscene, salty, undignified, unseemly, brutish, animal, graceless, vulgar, ill-bred, coarse, tawdry, scandalous, unpolished, repulsive, rude, glaring, philistine, raw, clumsy.


immodest, unbefitting, usual, naughty. courtesy, uncouth, churlish, uncultivated, smooth, uncivilized, uncultured, barbarian. gauche, undiplomatic, brash, untactful, impolitic, maladroit, Unpolitic, ability. indelicate (noun)
off-color, indecorous, in poor taste, off-colour, indecent, tasteless.

Other synonyms:

lewd, untactful, Unpolitic, undiplomatic. gauche, uncultured, unbefitting, brash, immodest, churlish, uncouth. impolitic, uncivilized, naughty, barbarian, uncultivated. maladroit. Other relevant words:
ill-mannered, off-colour, naughty, churlish, immodest, discourteous, maladroit, in poor taste, lewd, untactful, off-color, impolite, barbarian, unbefitting, Unpolitic, gauche, uncouth, uncultivated, undiplomatic, uncivilized, brash, uncultured, impolitic.

Usage examples for indelicate

  1. I would not seem to be indelicate dear, but I do not see any signs of your having been especially drawn emotionally towards any of your friends, though your attitude of sisterly comradeship and frankness with them is more beautiful than I thought it was possible for such a thing to be. – The Tinder-Box by Maria Thompson Daviess
  2. Those low- born females are so horribly indelicate – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith