Synonyms for Discreet:


attentive (adjective)
cautious (adjective)
tight-lipped, chary, wise, wary, observant of decencies, noncommittal, close-mouthed, reserved, trustworthy, heedful, uncommunicative, unobtrusive, not rash, strategic, attentive, close-lipped, civil, sagacious, secretive, reticent, guarded, well-judged, decorous, sensible.
cautious, sensible (adjective)
prudent, watchful, discriminating, wary, wise, conservative, strategic, reasonable, tactful, discerning, restrained, chary, judicious, heedful, attentive, safe, sagacious, temperate, diplomatic, observant, guarded, circumspect, not rash, considerate, noncommittal, careful, reserved, politic, thoughtful, civil, moderate.
circumspect (adjective)
safe, judicious, circumspect, discriminatory, considerate, solicitous, thoughtful, mindful, watchful, discretionary, politic, diplomatic, cautious, careful, observant, prudent.
discreet (adjective)
thoughtful, sensitive, discriminating, judicious, discerning, tactful.
modest (adjective)


systematic, painstaking, meticulous, organized, thorough, methodical, provident, exact. slight, little, minuscule, delicate, microscopic, minute, small, ability, tiny, diminutive, midget. discreet (noun)
tactful, discerning, prudent, circumspect, restrained, unostentatious, modest.

Other synonyms:

tiny, minuscule, subliminal. microscopic, diminutive, reasonable, inward. minute, conservative, slight, midget, underlying. small, subtle. little, temperate. moderate. delicate. prudent

Usage examples for discreet

  1. On Sol Street, in the neighborhood of Oficios and where it met the harbor, they solidly terminated their tall windows, reached the heights of discreet tradition. – San Cristóbal de la Habana by Joseph Hergesheimer
  2. But her aunt was a discreet woman, and it was generally understood that Margie had taken advantage of the pause in the fashionable season to visit some distant relatives, and if ever any one coupled her flight and the departure of Castrani together, it was not made the subject of remark. – The Fatal Glove by Clara Augusta Jones Trask