Synonyms for Profane:


all (adjective)
blasphemous, secular, blue.
disrespectful (adjective)
immoral, crude, disrespectful of religion (adjective)
coarse, atheistic, unholy, pagan, vulgar, nasty, heathen, dirty, filthy, temporal, smutty, transient, impious, foul, irreligious, blasphemous, godless, unconsecrated, obscene, unhallowed, transitory, sinful, worldly, sacrilegious, raunchy, unsanctified, irreverent, ungodly, profanatory.
impious (adjective)
unfaithful, unsanctified, atheistic, sinful, ungodly, irreligious, unchristian, sacrilegious, blasphemous, unholy, godless, wayward, irreverent, fallen, impious.
irreligious (adjective)
irreligious, secular, Creedless, disbelieving, non-religious, ungodly, non-practicing, godless, worldly, agnostic, unbelieving, irreverent, heathen, pagan, impious, undevout, atheistic, nihilistic, faithless, non-believing.
obscene (adjective)
vulgar (adjective)
garish, outlandish, cheap, crude, common, depraved, unrefined, coarse-grained, animal, ill-bred, low, earthy, inelegant, rough, indelicate, cockney, sordid, repulsive, shameless, gaudy, chintzy, colloquial, gross, broad, tasteless, vulgar, rank, unseemly, salty, raw, crass, boorish, tawdry, graceless, brutish, revolting, brazen, obscene, sleazy, degraded, ignoble, ignominious, base, in bad taste, scandalous, tactless, barnyard, barbaric, unbecoming, idiomatic, glaring, philistine, clumsy, homespun, rude, coarse, unpolished, undignified, offensive.


heretic, unorthodox, atheist, humanism, rationalist. profane (noun)
debase, deprave, violate, irreverent, desecrate, unsanctified, lay, secular, misdirect, dirty, vitiate, pervert, profanatory, blasphemous, sacrilegious, outrage, secularized, debauch, demoralise, secularised, subvert, unholy, unhallowed, temporal, corrupt, laic, demoralize, blue, worldly, unconsecrated.
worldly (noun)
transient, transitory.


defile, desecrate (verb)
pervert, vitiate, debase, pollute, violate.

Other synonyms:

raunchy, scatologic, Fescennine. bawdy, scatological, ribald. scurrilous, smutty. filthy, pollute, lewd. nasty. foul.

Usage examples for profane

  1. With all the other " profane religions," Firmicus Maternus fought those of the four Oriental nations. – The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism by Franz Cumont
  2. All passions of all men, The wild, the same, the gentle, the severe; All thoughts, all maxims, sacred and profane All creeds, all seasons, time, eternity: All that was hated, and all that was dear, All that was hoped, all that was feared by man, He tossed about as tempest withered leaves. – A Book For The Young by Sarah French
  3. If not, stand off, profane one! – Mary Wollstonecraft by Elizabeth Robins Pennell