Synonyms for Curse:


enchanted, extrasensory perception, the black arts, enchantment, alchemy, black magic, halloween, abracadabra, ESP. blasphemy, bad language. menopause, imprecation, words, menstrual cycle, menses, biological clock, anathema, Cramps, Malison, amenorrhea, the change of life, amenorrhoea, the curse, menstrual. hoodoo, quagmire, luck, nightmare, crisis, stress, worst-case scenario, battle. mischance, unfortunate, jinxed, epithet, sacred, unhappy, down on your luck, unlucky, a run of good/bad luck, decent. adversity (noun)
difficulty, hard times, torment, hardship, catastrophe, mishap, peril, misfortune, contretemps, agony, dolor, tragedy, burden, woe, trial, adversity, disaster, distress, bane, misadventure, bad luck, tribulation, misery, infliction, poverty, casualty, trouble, hard luck, rainy day, ordeal, blight, calamity, grief, affliction, poorness, destitution.
anathema (noun)
bane (noun)
doom, plague, evil, ill, contagion, poison, scourge, cancer.
communication (noun)
cuss, oath, execration, expletive, curse word, swearing, swearword, condemnation.
curse (noun)
excommunicate, anathemize, imprecate, bedamn, expletive, torment, curse word, scourge, swearword, maledict, bane, hex, swear, execration, condemnation, cuss, oath, jinx, whammy, nemesis, swearing, blaspheme, beshrew.
event (noun)
fulmination (noun)
hateful, swearing remark (noun)
malediction, obloquy, blasphemy, denunciation, profanity, Malison, commination, oath, anathema, swearing, profanation, execration, imprecation, whammy, bane, fulmination, sacrilege, damning, ban, vilification, obscenity, expletive.
hating (noun)
imprecation (noun)
malediction (noun)
disparagement, malediction, denunciation, damnation, invective, oath, vituperation, swearing, vilification, abuse.
misfortune wished upon someone (noun)
evil, affliction, scourge, ordeal, evil eye, trouble, calamity, tribulation, burden, torment, cancer, pestilence, jinx, disaster, plague.
obscenity (noun)
obscenity, swearword.
swearword (noun)
whammy (noun)


cuss (verb)
cuss, nag, blaspheme, swear, scold.
jinx (verb)
jinx, cast a spell.
swear (verb)
blaspheme, imprecate, cuss, bedamn.

Other synonyms:

black magic, Malison, enchantment, alchemy, enchanted, bad language, abracadabra, halloween, ESP, extrasensory perception, the black arts, hoodoo. enchant, bewitch, obscenity, charm, change into, prophesy. epithet, turn into, conjure up. call up, invoke. ban
evil eye, hex.
Other relevant words:
amenorrhea, imprecation, commination, nightmare, bad language, menstrual, profanity, quagmire, enchantment, maledict, luck, epithet, evil eye, crisis, nemesis, anathemize, stress, damning, sacred, excommunicate, obloquy, ESP, profanation, anathema, expletive, jinxed, hex, execration, beshrew, invoke, amenorrhoea, swearword, bewitch, charm, condemnation, vulgarity, curse word, enchanted, ban, imprecate, battle, menopause, fulmination, words, bedamn, prophesy, unlucky, menses, alchemy, whammy, unfortunate, Malison, Cramps, blasphemy, enchant, abracadabra, hoodoo, unhappy, halloween, decent, sacrilege, mischance, obscenity.

Usage examples for curse

  1. You owe me-" " Curse what I owe you!" – King of the Castle by George Manville Fenn
  2. Why from silent earth Didst thou awake, and curse me into birth? – Father and Son by Edmund Gosse
  3. After that we will fire- oh, curse the thing! – The First Hundred Thousand by Ian Hay