Synonyms for Hallow:




celebrate (verb)
commemorate, proclaim, jubilate, hail, laud, party, celebrate, venerate, make merry, praise, rejoice, honor, memorialize, enjoy, acclaim, revel, exult, salute, glorify, solemnize, cheer, inaugurate, fete, observe, carouse, trumpet, frolic.
communication (verb)
bless, sanctify, consecrate.
consecrate (verb)
beatify, anoint, sanctify, praise, dedicate, bless, consecrate.

Other synonyms:

solemnize, make merry.
Other relevant words:
religion, beatify.

Usage examples for hallow

  1. Let thy sweet presence light my way, And hallow every cross I bear; Transmuting duty, conflict, care, Into love's service day by day. – Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul by Various
  2. We know, of course, the revolutionary innovator and disrespectful heir, who even took away the sanctity of the fathers' sabbath to hallow his Sunday, and interrupted the course of time to begin at himself with a new chronology; we know him, and know that it is- the Christian. – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner