Synonyms for Vice:


agent (adjective)
agent, deputy.
wicked (adjective)
bad, vicious, wicked, depraved, pernicious.


sexual harassment, indecent exposure, acquaintance rape, abuse, indecent assault, gang-rape, date rape, sexual abuse. applicator, blowtorch, bestiality, clean, flagitiousness, blowlamp, bradawl, Allen Wrench, adjustable wrench, bellows, bit, villainy, box end wrench, awl. excess, decadence, enormity. as is someone's wont, take to, daily life, way of life, common practice, routine, ritual, custom, habit, tendency. attribute (noun)
bad habit; sin (noun)
perversion, evil, indecency, immorality, wickedness, depravity, debauchery, corruption, debasement, evildoing.
badness (noun)
baseness, badness, blackness, malfeasance, evil, wrongness, inadvisability, unpleasantness, turpitude, detriment, depravity, bane, disadvantage.
crime (noun)
criminality, immorality.
vice (noun)
evildoing, villainousness, feloniousness, sinisterness, sadism, impropriety, Damnability, perverseness, criminality, frailty, indecency, perversion, reprehensibleness, degeneration, debasement, sin, iniquitousness, corruption, wickedness, debauchery, blameworthiness, sinfulness, immorality, obnoxiousness.
weakness (noun)


subordinate (verb)

Other synonyms:

bestiality, flagitiousness. villainy. Other relevant words:
bestiality, frailty, bellows, wicked, excess, clean, bit, awl, enormity, tendency, subordinate, decadence, vicious, villainy, ritual, routine, applicator, custom, abuse, depraved, flagitiousness, bradawl, habit, pernicious, blowlamp, bad, blowtorch.

Usage examples for vice

  1. He was Vice President from 1801 to 1805, in the first term of Jefferson's administration. – The Man Without a Country by Edward E. Hale
  2. I'm sure, now, you were much less embarrassed than I last night at the Vice Chancellor's. – Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  3. Nine Vice Presidents were appointed, and six Secretaries to record the proceedings. – Quodlibet by John P. Kennedy