Synonyms for Evil:


all (adjective)
baneful (adjective)
contagious, malefic, infectious, poisonous, cursed, calamitous, ill, cancerous, baneful.
diabolical (adjective)
evil (adjective)
detrimental, calamitous, repugnant, sinful, damnable, disgraceful, reprehensible, foul, loathsome, hideous, atrocious, offensive, sinister, baneful, destructive, repulsive, heinous, abominable, nefarious, repellent, revolting, wicked, bad, monstrous, terrible.
harmful (adjective)
hateful (adjective)
malevolent, malicious.
malevolent (adjective)
malicious, malignant, perfidious, rancorous, corrosive, sullen, baleful, hostile, treacherous, wicked, sinister, hurtful, nasty, catty, antagonistic, churlish, hateful, bitter, vindictive, mean, foul, ill-natured, virulent, venomous, malevolent, vicious, Black-hearted, baneful, spiteful.
offensive (adjective)
sinful, immoral (adjective)
foul, maleficent, vicious, revolting, vile, repulsive, malicious, malignant, offensive, loathsome, rancorous, atrocious, injurious, heinous, malevolent, iniquitous, damnable, hideous, bad, nefarious, calamitous, reprobate, flagitious, wrong, depraved, corrupt, poison, disastrous, harmful, spiteful, unpropitious, baneful, wicked, repugnant, hateful, destructive, ugly.
unjust (adjective)
wicked (adjective)
amoral, wicked, devilish.


corrupt, detestable. inauspicious, amoral, perverted, unpropitious, sordid, luck, deviant, unfavorable. despiteful, the forces of darkness/evil, lucifer, old nick, horn, the devil, black mass, attitude, satanism. deterrence, blow, disincentive, hammer blow, goad, deterrent, cloud, kiss of death. act (noun)
iniquity, immorality, wickedness.
badness (noun)
disadvantage, unpleasantness, depravity, inadvisability, blackness, baseness, vice, wrongness, malfeasance, turpitude.
badness, immorality; disaster (noun)
depravity, malevolence, hatred, iniquity, affliction, wickedness, heinousness, mischief, meanness, calamity, ill, viciousness, vice, baseness, turpitude, curse, blow, misfortune, sinfulness.
bane (noun)
cancer, curse, infection, ill, poison, plague, affliction, scourge, doom, contagion, misfortune, calamity.
crime (noun)
deformity (noun)
enormity (noun)
evil (noun)
disgrace, heinous, wickedness, sinfulness, abomination, immoral, bane, malevolent, despicable, corruptive, diabolical, Fiendish, flagitious, heinousness, malefic, black, devilish, reprehensibleness, malign, vicious, injurious, unworthy, maleficent, foulness, wicked, nefariousness, bad, satanic, mischief, sinisterness, evil-minded, monstrosity, perversive, calamitousness, immorality, diabolic, mephistophelian, hellish, dark, terribleness, vile, depraved, repulsiveness, atrocious, ugly, grievous, demonic, detriment, sinister, mephistophelean, offensiveness, Repellency, unholy, atrocity, damnation, evilness, badness, infernal, harmful, monstrous, hideousness, iniquity.
malevolence (noun)
hatred, malignancy, ill nature, maliciousness, animosity, corrosiveness, malevolence, nastiness, meanness, cattiness, malice, hurtfulness, virulence, antagonism, viciousness, hatefulness, bitterness, spitefulness, venom.
unpropitious (noun)
disastrous, ominous.
vindictiveness (noun)

Other synonyms:

inhuman, peccant, kiss of death, old nick, amoral, black mass, lucifer, pitiless, perverted, deviant, maltreatment, unpropitious, unkind, bullying, uncharitable, disincentive, despiteful, satanism, sordid. hard, hammer blow, deterrence, inauspicious. goad, deterrent, reprobate. horn, unfavorable. cloud. blow. brutality
corrupt, depraved.
immoral, wrong.
Other relevant words:
diabolical, blow, mephistophelian, maltreatment, corruptive, maleficent, iniquitous, disastrous, infernal, savagery, immorality, evilness, sordid, unkind, injurious, wrong, perverted, black, malign, evil-minded, unholy, mephistophelean, demonic, peccant, barbarism, inauspicious, ugly, devilish, despiteful, iniquity, deterrence, unpropitious, detestable, harmful, deterrent, mischievous, hard, deleterious, goad, ominous, depraved, flagitious, Fiendish, malefic, deviant, inhumanity, diabolic, hellish, cruelty, grievous, satanism, satanic, reprobate, immoral, despicable, perversive, unworthy, inhuman, amoral, lucifer, vile, dark, unfavorable, corrupt.

Usage examples for evil

  1. " Just regard me as a necessary evil – The Rebel of the School by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  2. Is there something about me that is evil – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  3. But it was inconceivable that their passion, either for good or evil could wholly carry them away. – Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson