Synonyms for Putrid:


dirty (adjective)
fetid (adjective)
smelly, stinking, fusty, Effluvial, reeking, fetid, odorous, rank, sulfurous, miasmic, malodorous.
foul-smelling (adjective)
musty (adjective)
odorous (adjective)
rotten, stinking (adjective)
noisome, decayed, smelly, bad, malodorous, reeking, rank, high, fetid, putrefied, rancid, corrupt, foul.
unclean (adjective)
insalubrious, icky, shabby, slovenly, fetid, mucky, grimy, muddy, disgusting, unsanitary, infectious, festering, dirty, filthy, smutty, squalid, scruffy, murky, impure, offensive, untidy, dusty, septic, sloppy, unhygenic, unclean, grungy, dingy, odious, obscene, grubby, defiled, scatological, foul, toxic, crummy, sordid.


repulsive, detestable, despicable, appalling, sickening, revolting, horrible, vile, dreadful. nasty, high, bad, thrive, taste, better, acrid. frowzy, rancid, musty, moldy, fusty. corrupt (noun)
putrid (noun)
noisome, corrupt, foul-smelling, foul, festering, purulent, smelly, rotten, septic, malodorous, putrified, foetid, infected, stinking, putrefied, fetid, funky.

Other synonyms:

fusty, decayed. frowzy, moldy, rancid. disgusting
musty, bad.
Other relevant words:
noisome, funky, thrive, horrible, putrefied, foul-smelling, frowzy, dreadful, rotten, acrid, high, better, bad, decayed, moldy, corrupt, infected, revolting, vile, repulsive, sickening, rancid, detestable, appalling, foetid, musty, putrified, purulent, fusty, taste, despicable, nasty.

Usage examples for putrid

  1. Putrid flesh is with them a favourite " dish," and in order to get at the softest side of a carcass, they burrow under, and enter it from below, rarely leaving their horrid cave until they have thoroughly cleared it out. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  2. He writ they wuz herded together in quarters not fit for a dog, with insufficient food; putrid dretful food, that no dog would or could eat. – Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley