Synonyms for Thrive:


go, score. bloom. thrive (noun)
boom, prosper, get ahead, Fligh High, expand, flourish.


do well (verb)
blossom, batten, advance, shine, mushroom, get ahead, bloom, shoot up, prosper, flourish, succeed, progress, rise, burgeon, radiate, wax, boom, grow, increase, score.
prosper (verb)
luxuriate, flourish, progress, prosper, succeed.

Other synonyms:

grow, blossom, die, win out. bloom. shoot up. shine. score. rise. go. arrive
make it.
boom, prosper.

Usage examples for thrive

  1. My reward is that I see her thrive her bad illness is visibly getting better. – The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2 by Rupert Hughes
  2. The middle class appeared to me to thrive no better in the Mediterranean provinces than at Rome. – The Roman Question by Edmond About
  3. With careful culture the plant would doubtless thrive in most parts of Africa, as the soil is light and the season usually favorable. – Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce by E. R. Billings