Synonyms for Sloppy:


bedraggled (adjective)
dirty (adjective)
mucky, unclean.
messy (adjective)
disheveled, wet, inattentive, dirty, poor, muddy, dingy, clumsy, careless, awkward, slipshod, unkempt, mediocre, splashy, untidy, slushy, slovenly, slapdash.
neglectful (adjective)
inattentive, Disregardful, negligent, bumbling, reckless, inconsiderate, senile, hit-and-miss, perfunctory, slipshod, inadvertent, neglectful, careless, haphazard, slovenly, remiss, unmindful, slapdash, thoughtless, forgetful, derelict, shoddy, unheedful, clumsy.
poor (adjective)
mediocre, amateurish, poor, awkward.
sensitive (adjective)
mawkish, sensitive, soft, sentimental, schmaltzy, mushy, starry-eyed, gooey, lovesick, maudlin, dewy-eyed, fanciful, tender, romantic, poetic, sappy.
slovenly (adjective)
messy, squalid, unkempt, neglectful, disheveled, dirty, careless, shabby, slovenly.
unclean (adjective)
grungy, impure, slovenly, fetid, foul, filthy, scatological, mucky, grimy, scruffy, sordid, defiled, toxic, muddy, putrid, icky, unhygenic, unsanitary, disgusting, untidy, septic, insalubrious, dingy, dirty, grubby, infectious, squalid, shabby, unclean, obscene, offensive, murky, crummy, dusty, festering, smutty, odious.
wet (adjective)
splashy, wet, slushy.


brief, Clingy, A-LINE, button-through, best, backless, boot-cut, button-down, casual. lackadaisical, order, like a bull in a china shop, mussy, complacent, complacency. chewy, chilled, cool, caramelized, buttery, crisp, crispy, careful, calorific, cream. drippy, slushy, melodrama, Theatricals, tear-jerking, feelings, sobby, treacly, soupy, hysterics, theatrical, gushy, histrionics, bathetic, soppy. mediocre, amateurish, poor, awkward. splashy, wet. poor (noun)
clumsy, mediocre, poor, untidy, amateurish, shoddy, unkempt, careless, awkward, scruffy.
sloppy (noun)
haphazard, slapdash, slipshod, careless, untidy.
wet (noun)
muddy, slushy, splashy, mucky, wet.

Other synonyms:

gushy, tear-jerking, sobby, soupy, drippy, bathetic. mussy, slushy. soppy. Other relevant words:
complacency, mediocre, careful, treacly, calorific, lackadaisical, complacent, feelings, mussy, brief, casual, soppy, crisp, sobby, button-through, boot-cut, cream, drippy, order, splashy, awkward, buttery, wet, Clingy, histrionics, amateurish, crispy, slushy, chewy, gushy, Theatricals, poor, bathetic, backless, cool, A-LINE, caramelized, best, tear-jerking, melodrama, soupy, chilled, button-down, hysterics, theatrical.

Usage examples for sloppy

  1. Such an arrangement keeps the pens from becoming sloppy and damp. – Ducks and Geese by Harry M. Lamon Rob R. Slocum
  2. I remember the sloppy road in the Weald, and the vague outlines of the South Downs seen in starlight and mist. – Confessions of a Young Man by George Moore
  3. The place is sloppy with the water poured out by the worshippers, and is littered by the flowers they present. – Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877 by James Kennedy