Synonyms for Mud:


asbestos, brownstone, board, cement, brick, boarding, adobe, caulk, aggregate, bitumen. alluvium, muddy, clean, ground, loam, earth, bemire, clod, dirt, slush, grit, dust. uproar, barrage, disapproval, criticism, faultfinding, recrimination, Bashing, censure, condemnation. dirt (noun)
hardpan, clayeyness, silt, swamp, muddiness, axle grease, marsh, soup, ooze, filth, turbidity, viscidity, stickiness, Alluvia, bog, percolation, slush.
mud (noun)
mire, muck, clay, muck up.
substance (noun)
wet dirt (noun)
mire, muck, ooze, clay, slush, silt.


contact (verb)
muck, muck up, mire.

Other synonyms:

faultfinding, dirt, slush, loam, dust, alluvium, bemire, condemnation, silt, grit, disapproval. censure, clod, earth, barrage, Bashing, recrimination. criticism. muddy. ground. bog
Other relevant words:
bog, filth, turbidity, dirt, condemnation, aggregate, clean, barrage, censure, brownstone, silt, slush, percolation, brick, adobe, bitumen, ooze, soup, uproar, disapproval, boarding, viscidity, ground, clayeyness, grit, board, caulk, recrimination, loam, clod, earth, stickiness, cement, marsh, dust, Alluvia, hardpan, bemire, clay, Bashing, alluvium, asbestos, criticism, muddiness, swamp, faultfinding, muddy.

Usage examples for mud

  1. Here stands the spring whom you have stain'd with mud This goodly summer with your winter mix'd. – Titus-Andronicus by Shakespeare, William
  2. " For the love of mud Don," he pleaded, " get over it and come back! – Left Guard Gilbert by Ralph Henry Barbour
  3. Death and mud and darkness closed together. – The Dark Tower by Phyllis Bottome