Synonyms for Ooze:


rate, have, bear, wear, grow in, seem, possess, bristle with, tend. send out, bleed, stream, solid, transpire, emit, issue from, give out, percolate, give off, discharge, beam, move, generate, spill, weep, leach. mush, gunge, pulp, jelly. goo (noun)
guck, gunk.
liquid emitted (noun)
gunk, goo, fluid, muck, mire, sludge, mud.
marsh (noun)
mud (noun)
ooze (noun)
guck, exudate, muck, oozing, goo, sludge, transude, ooze out, seepage, seep, exude, gunk.
slime (noun)
fluid, mud, mire.


emit liquid (verb)
exude, discharge, bleed, percolate, leach, weep, seep.
motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

emit, gunge. leach, percolate, mush, bleed. weep. jelly, transpire. pulp. dirt
Other relevant words:
give out, bleed, transpire, stream, jelly, leach, percolate, send out, mire, discharge, emit, weep, pulp, generate, give off, spill, mud, gunge, fluid.

Usage examples for ooze

  1. " I will withdraw," he said, turning to Cleopatra; and it must be said that his suggestion was prompted by his heartfelt wish, for now that he found himself thus conspicuously brought before so many women, with falsehood on his lips, his courage began to ooze – The Pursuit of the House-Boat by John Kendrick Bangs
  2. He now crawled upon the body of the statue, and Malipieri saw that he was covered with half- dried mud and ooze – The Heart of Rome by Francis Marion Crawford