Synonyms for Slop:


carbohydrate, dairy, aphrodisiac, baby food, comfort food, base, creole, confectionery, convenience food. bit, slurry, bilge, dishwater, Leavings, pile. cud, feedbag, fishmeal, bespatter, bone meal, forage, fodder, dog biscuit, spray, corn, dash, strike, feed, birdseed. cast up, toil, come in, break, move, trudge, slog, course, wade, crest, plod, catch, deepen, burst, channel. litter, ruin, clean, e-waste, sludge, landfill, remains, muck, ooze. maudlin, histrionics, sentimental, schmaltzy, theatrical, hysterics, melodrama, Theatricals, mawkish, treacly. mud (noun)
slop (noun)
spill, squish, splatter, swill, slosh, slops, pigswill, pigwash, squelch, splosh, splash.
waste (noun)
despoilment, Filings, residue, detritus, remnant, Dejecta, waste, offal, effluent, debris, refuse, garbage, chaff, decay, rubbish, junk, leakage.


contact (verb)
spill, splatter.
splash; make a mess (verb)
spray, dash, spill, splatter, slosh.
waste (verb)
deject, excrete, despoil, leak.

Other synonyms:

trudge, bespatter, plod, slog, muck. spray, toil. wade. dash. mud
Other relevant words:
pigswill, plod, splash, sludge, slosh, slog, squish, toil, slurry, wade, splatter, muck, dash, splosh, spray, ooze, Leavings, slops, squelch, trash, pigwash, bilge, swill, dishwater, trudge, bespatter, spill.

Usage examples for slop

  1. And then to have Haynes come along, with his burdensome notions, and his socialistic slop – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber
  2. Whenever I am locked up until all the slop pans in our alley are empty, and made to take a bath, and the Master's pals speak civil and feel my ribs, I know something is going to happen. – The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys by Richard Harding Davis
  3. There he went off yesterday and never fed the pigs their noon slop and I had to carry it out myself. – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower