Synonyms for Possess:


tend, wear, grow in, bristle with, rate, seem. retain, give up to, walk away with, nurse, tingle, burn, feel, keep, let yourself go, overflow. owned, belong to, carry, pack, Got, sorted, have in. sense, be alive to something, have heard of, realize, know of, enjoy, have on, know, know full/perfectly well, recognize. boast, command. exhibit, display, show. control, obsess. hold (noun)
control, maintain.


dominate (verb)
have or obtain (verb)
control, retain, own, carry, enjoy, maintain, hold, acquire.
possess (verb)
have, hold, own, monopolize, acquire, claim.

Other synonyms:

seem, grow in, bristle with, give up to, Got. enjoy, know of, sorted, tend, rate. exhibit, walk away with, boast, tingle. overflow, have on, have in. nurse, realize, retain, recognize, belong to, feel. command, wear. display. keep. know. carry. retain
Other relevant words:
enjoy, exhibit, tingle, obsess, retain, control, seem, realize, command, boast, nurse, know, display, maintain, tend, owned, keep, pack, rate, Got, recognize, carry.

Usage examples for possess

  1. All I would have at last I possess – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  2. I spoke to Stella, in words which I would now give everything I possess to recall. – The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins
  3. I hope that our Church will be one of the first to possess this good fortune, the more since it has already a part of what you hold most dear. – The Makers of Canada: Bishop Laval by A. Leblond de Brumath